Dirt Bike Beginner Mistakes

Top 7 Dirt Bike Beginner Mistakes You Can Avoid

Dirt Biking techniques do not just happen overnight. But you can learn, and to learn you sometimes have to make mistakes.

Dirt Bike Beginners mistakes

They are a product of thorough practice which will then be a part of your memory so then it will be easier to execute. So for newbie drivers, we have wrote down 7 basic mistakes we need to be cautious about to prevent accidents and incidents.

Dirt Biking can be very entertaining; the intense feeling of high-speed adrenaline rush and the wind that is coming strong at you gives a certain feeling of freedom and fun. It may look simple riding these dirt bikes however that is not the case.

A lot of beginners mistakenly assume that dirt bikes are easy but there are some things that you have to actually understand first before riding a dirt bike as mistakes can be common to everyday life especially when learning something new.

The top 7 dirt bike "rookie" mistakes

Feel comfortable while driving by going through the compilation of things to keep in mind before dirt driving. Avoid those mistakes...

Mistake 1: Not having a safety gear

We should always keep in mind that safety always comes first, therefore, having a safety gear is an absolute must; it is also illegal to ride any kind of bike without the proper safety gear, this also means that riding a dirt bike without wearing any safety gear is deemed to be illegal.

These products can be found on Amazon, eBay, and many company sites for the brand you of dirt bikes you enjoy riding.

See the recommended gear to ride a dirt bike:


This is important in order for you to be comfortable in riding the dirt bike; the boots also protect your feet against dirt and objects that might hit you when riding a dirt bike, it provides traction and is necessary when you operate a dirt bike.

Helmet and Goggles

These are extremely important for a rider. These protect the rider's head against hard objects that it may encounter during the ride; helmets also provide protection in the head when in case a rider meets an accident. The principal philosophy of helmets is that it protects the skull of your head against external hard objects that might hit it.

The helmet also provides protection against dirt in order for the rider to see clearly adding goggles will significantly provide better vision when riding a dirt bike. It is an absolute must to wear a helmet when riding a dirt bike.

Ankle brace and knee guard

This is very important when riding a dirt bike ankle braces and knee guards protect your knees and joint sockets when falling into the ground. Knees and ankles are prone to injury when falling into the ground, therefore, ankle and knees should be protected.

Make sure that you have checked your fuel to set up for the terrain ahead. Stay safe by keeping your engine well fed.

These are the basic things that the rider should wear when riding a dirt bike.

In order for you to become a successful dirt bike rider, the rider should first consider its safety and wear necessary safety gear. Wearing a safety gear provides protection and reduces the risk of more serious injury.

Mistake 2: Not Being Familiar With Your Bike

The rider should be well informed and be familiar with the parts and the specification of the bike.

The rider should ask these questions how strong and how fast can be the dirt bike go? These questions pertain to the engine type of the dirt bike; this is very important.

Getting familiar with your bike also includes on knowing where the brakes are located, the clutch, and gas. Every part of the bike has a different function. 

Know your bike to avoid mistakes

Knowing the function of every part is important. It also is essential in keeping the bike at a good working condition with proper maintenance. 

This will be great especially if you want to your bike to last longer which will then be less costly, more efficient and safe to use.

Make sure that you are using the correct gear. In every driving activity, especially when manual driving, it is best to listen to your gears and making sure that you utilizing the correct gear to equalize with the right motor power. 

Shift gears appropriately. This can be best managed by practicing frequently.

Avoid going to full throttle too soon after just starting to learn.

Take it one step at a time. Rushing the first time can get any rider to various accidents. Take a few (four to five) practice laps and accelerate when the need arises.

Mistake 3: Riding everywhere.

Search for a place that is legal for riding a dirt bike. You cannot simply ride your dirt bike anywhere and everywhere.

There are laws that the dirt bike rider should be aware of. 

For instance there are different laws every city follow; noise regulations and specifications for vehicles in different roads and highways. 

It is important to note that the rider should be respectful in road rules and regulations, follow laws and be respectful to riders and pedestrians.

Mistake 4: Having a passenger.

A passenger especially a really loud one can be distracting and can cause various accidents. According to a study, other passengers can cause 5% of distracted driving accidents.

When riding a dirt bike, personally I have never seen one with a passenger, so you should consider choosing a street bike over a dirt bike.

Mistake 5: Improper Body Mechanics or Form.

A certain body position is necessary so you can manage your balance well. 

Proper body alignment by positioning your feet and squeezing the side of the bike increase overall control of the dirt bike.

Remember to raise your elbows at ninety-degree angle side by side your chest.

This position can help especially when long driving, for added endurance and strength. Also, it will be tough to get your vision going the first time you ride a dirt bike. So make sure to keep your head up especially when turning.

Mistake 6: Getting a bike that is too big for you.​​​​

For a newbie in dirt biking, this will be a handful. Going for a smaller bike with lesser weight than others would be a better training ground.

It would be best to choose a bike that fits you, to get you used to drive especially when meeting up with obstacles on the road.

Balance is also compromised when getting a bike that is too big for you.

Aside from adjusting to the weight of the bike (the bigger the heavier), you might feel uncomfortable as a newbie especially when locating the clutch, throttle and other components of the bike.

Mistake 7: Standing on the first ride.

Learn to sit before you can stand.

This applies to a child's growth and development as well.

A child first learns how to sit between ages 4 to 7 months and learns how to stand by ages 12 to 18 months. It is also the case when dirt biking.

For your own safety, it is best to learn biking by sitting and making sure to be familiarized. Once you get more steady then you can progressively proceed to drive while standing.

Bonus tip: the mistake number 8 is not having fun 🙂

Out of all the mistakes, this can be a big one. Do not forget to enjoy the ride!

Patience and dedication are what it takes to master every sport especially dirt biking. Sometimes, overthinking and focusing on getting the ride right too much will deprive you of enjoying the experience.

Panicking will not help either, though saving yourself by listening to warnings are good.

The Bottom Line

Accidents can happen at a split of a second. Therefore it is extremely risky to take your eyes off of the road for more than 1 second. Stated above are the precautions shown as "mistakes" you need to consider before riding your dirt bike.

It is important to prepare and focus before any activity.  It will also take time to get used to driving it. Though just like any activity, everything is hard when starting out. Consistency with precaution and practice is vital in any given situation, especially in dirt biking.

All in all, make sure to check your fuel, master using the throttle and the clutch, avoid showing off and make sure to focus on the road and where you are going, make sure your helmet and or safety gear is secure, master your balance with steady practice, and enjoy!

What are your thoughts? 

Do you have any more mistakes that need attention especially for beginner drivers? 

Perhaps there is a certain dietary restriction or control we need to consider when dirt biking? (such as adding beet to your diet) Please don't hesitate to add your comments below; we gladly appreciate it!

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