Places To Ride Dirt Bikes (Not just the track)

A car has its road, a boat has the water and the airplane as the air. But what about dirt bikes? Where do they ride? And is all dirt bike riding legal?

While much of what you see on TV nowadays are crazy flip competitions, that is not what dirt biking is. Though those races are a part of it, some enjoy it as a hobby and ride around for fun!

The dirt bike does not only belong in the race track. There is so much more to it. Do not limit yourself to riding in certain tracks or trails where there is so much more out there. 


Helmet to ride dirt bike

However, before listing off all the places you can ride we must think of safety. Some places might be more dangerous than others, some might be on the safer side. 

Regardless, insurance is very crucial. Not just to cover your health but for your bike too. And insurance is not costly when compared to other insurance in the market.

Dirt bike riding requires a bit of safety gear as you are not riding on the asphalt that is smooth and wide. You might ride through dirt, gravel, sand, puddles, mud, rocks. Apart from the weather that could be snowing, raining, sunny, etc.

Make sure to protect yourself by using safety gear that includes:

Goggles and a helmet 

They protect you from any sand or wind that might blow in your face, especially at such high speeds. You should also consider wearing neck support to keep you more safe and comfy!

Gloves with long sleeve shirt and pants

These protect your body from any debris or even water while riding. They are also used as a bit of protection in case of a fall. Additionally, the color can make you recognizable and easy to spot.


Boots are helpful to keep your leg from getting burned as the engine heats up. It also allows support for your foot and ankle and protects it from fractures as best as it can.


Armor protects your chest and abdominal area, as well as anything that is inside it. Especially in the event of a crash. The armor protects the most crucial organs in the body, making this piece of gear very valuable.

Other tips

  • Make sure you do not ride under the influence.
  • Try to bring someone to look out for you.
  • Have GPS tracking on.
  • Keep your phone on you for any emergency.
  • If you think you are injured, do not move until help arrives.

Remember that your safety is priority number one, therefore, go out there and have fun. Just be cautious ?

Places to ride

Track for dirt bike ride

Here is a list of places to ride that we will go over:

  • Private land
  • Desert trails and dunes
  • Forest and mountain trails
  • Competitions
  • Dirt bike parks
  • Road (if legalized)

Nothing is better than having an open space, to roam and ride and feel free as you could ever be. You don't just have to ride in parks or competitions. Though they are options.

Do your research to find out if you could ride your bike in the streets of your city and state. Otherwise, you will have to ride in another place.

As incredible as it is, other options might be closer to you than you know, so research is key. Keep in mind you might have to transport your bike to the location as some states do not allow you to ride your bike in the streets.

Private land

The first on the list has to be private land, as this space is all yours. With permission, of course!

Whether it is yours, or your friends that let you borrow it, it is the only place where no one can bother you. As long as it is your land, or you have permission, you can ride on!

Do be mindful of the owner, if it is not you. But enjoy your moment of freedom in a big open space. It is one of the freest experiences a person can have. ?


Starting line to ride

Riding to compete can be a great way to get known and discovered, apart from some sweet trophies and even cash. Or you might just compete for the fun of the adrenaline kick... it is up to you. ??

However, in many of these famous competitions, brand representatives could be looking for the next face of their company, and it might just be you!

Competitions allow you to get on television (depending on the level), earn a little money for winning, and even meet people with connections in the dirt bike industry.

Though these events usually require an entry fee, it is not an expensive value for a shot on some money. Many races also require riders to have a spark arrestor installed, to prevent the release of the debris of internal combustion engines.

Remember to check the rule book of the race before entering the competition to know if you are eligible and it is a race for your age division. And if everything else fails, make some friendly racing bets. ?

Desert trails and dunes

Keep in mind that places like this can be quite windy, and have sand storms that can wipe you out in certain cases. Make sure you are geared up and always wear goggles and a helmet to protect your eyes.

Most states that allow dirt bike riding in certain places will have an OHV(Off-Highway Vehicle) sign. Your state might have something similar, meaning that you can ride in that area.

In the United States, the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) is the one in charge of public lands like sand dunes and desert trails. Therefore, you can research their websites as they are a reliable source that will provide you evidence that it is legal for you to ride in a certain area.

These certain trails are usually cleared out to avoid accidents. However, do not worry, there are plenty of obstacles and other features that will keep you safe while still granting you unlimited fun.

These features can include things such as fallen logs, creeks, and rocks/ boulders to ride around. Riding at your own pace, you can travel the whole trail and have fun by yourself without even seeing another rider. What a great way to get some alone time!

Forest and mountain trails

Places like this are the perfect spot to break out the weatherproof gear. Riding in the cold or the rain can be quite crazy, and a bit dangerous. So be cautious and watch around your surroundings.

Though it can be quite slippery, if you have the right gear, everything will be easier. Investing in gear that will keep you safe is a good choice if you plan to ride in places like this.

Keep in mind that water can be very intrusive. If you wear gear that is not waterproof, it might seep into your clothes and leave you soaked and uncomfortable. This can also affect your riding and mess you up.

To ride in places like this make sure to check if OHV is allowed to ride there, again you can do that by checking the Bureau of Land Management website.

To avoid a fee, be sure you are not breaking any rules. As some places, for instance, do not allow making a fire to cook something in the facility. 

Additionally, do not forget your identification and to cooperate with authorities if asked to.

Dirt bike parks


Nothing is better than being able to be around others that share your riding passion. In parks like these, you get to be surrounded by dirt bike riders and ride around all you want.

These can be found all over the world, and are long and wide so you can have a large area with plenty of room for tricks and jumps.

Make sure to research if there are some in your town, or the neighboring city. This may be a way for you to get together with some of your riding pals and maybe even make some new ones in the process.

Just like some skate parks, they might be hidden somewhere between the woods. So do your research, and you might be surprised at how many there are around.

Road (if legalized)

Though dirt bikes were made to shred the track and not the parking lot, you can still go get some milk and groceries on a dirt bike. However, some rules come with it.

You have to meet the regulations of a regular motorcycle, such as rear view mirrors, turn signals, headlights, etc. Without these, your dirt bike could not be considered a road vehicle or a street legal bike. Meaning you could not ride in the streets.

However, if you make the adjustments, and all the paperwork, your state or country can allow you to ride it on the road as long as everything is up to date and safe.

This is why many people prefer a dual sport bike as it is the best of both worlds. As you can ride as a hobby or as a form of transportation, implying that it is a street-legal bike.

It is possible to make your dirt bike street legal, just might take some time in the shop to get some add on features that allow you to ride anywhere!

Respect the track

No matter where you are riding, remember to be polite, respect the authorities of that area and keep your trash where it belongs. If you obey the law of that area you will have no troubles and cause none.

If you help out, it can make everyone's ride enjoyable and fun, as well as your own. Keep the peace and have your ride as you want it. Do not forget to always be safe.

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