Dirt Bikes for Beginners- where to start

Dirt Bikes for Beginners is a hot topic. Why ? No matter what it is, we will always remember our first time so vividly as if it was a movie. Whether its your first day in high school and your shaking, to the first house you bought. And dirt bike riding is not that different either.

Dirt Bike for Beginners

You are always going to remember your first bike, but do not expect it to look like the professionals. No one learned to drive in a monster truck, they began small and built up. And that is exactly what a rookie needs. Almost like you need training wheels to get used to it.

The good part is that an adult will weight far more than a child, therefore not needing all the precautions children need. However, kids do learn faster than adults, so keep your head in the game so you can learn all you want to learn, it doesn't matter if you are a newbie.

Dirt Bike for Beginners - Perfect Fitting Size 

All bikes are different, not just in color and style, but in height, weight and motor type. That is why I do not recommend ordering your bike online unless you have seen it in person. It is not just about how it looks; it is about how it makes you feel!

Dirt bike Fitting Size

There is not a certain chart that tells you how much your bike should weight depending on your height, because bikes fit all different people. First off there is height. 

Remember that your feet need to a least tough the ground, because in case of anything you have another way to help yourself and stop the bike.

Though if you are going to be trail riding you can look into taller bikes, just so your feet are higher up and more protected from the ground and any rocks, bushes, plants or even animals that can possibly do you harm.

Weight is also a big factor when it comes to picking a bike. For example, if you weigh a bit more and are trying to race then you want your bike to weight less, or it will hold you back. So, you might go for a motocross bike instead of a trail one. It all really depends on your body and your style.

Going to a showroom and physically sitting in the bikes is the best way to actually get a feel for what you want. Maybe even ask a sales associate if you can ride a couple around before deciding. This is a great way to tell how you feel about the bikes weight and whether you are comfortable with the two-stroke motor it brings.

Tire Sizing

The tires in a dirt bike are a certain way to allow it to accelerate at greater speeds faster, meanwhile, it is going over whatever terrain you are riding. Dirt bikes have bigger front wheels and smaller rear wheels which can range in size. As for the rear wheel, it helps in traction.

When riding a off road, trail bike you will notice that it will have smaller wheels, a bigger tire and more rubber as it is hard to predict what you will find when riding your bike off a track. Therefore, the wheels are more protected then with a motocross.

With a motocross bike they will have a larger wheel, giving the rider extra comfort and making the rocks seem smaller as your tire is bigger. But that is not all you have to pay attention to when it comes to choosing your dream bike.

Two strokes vs four strokes Dirt Bikes

Two strokes dirt bikes

Think about two-stroke as an automatic car. You hit the gas and speed off. Most being racing motocross bikes as the goal is to be the first one to the finish line. It is said that the power bands for two-strokes are snappier, which can be a bit hard to learn to control at first. So, watch out newbies!

Four strokes dirt bikes

A four-stroke could be thought as a stick shift car, you gradually build up speed except that in this case you don’t change gear, but you constantly speed up little by little. This can be more friendly to newbies as it is not going to speed off.

They have a more reliable motor, giving the rider more consistent power and comfort of being safer and more in control of the bike itself as it will not take them flying along.

Picking a Path

They have a more reliable motor, giving the rider more consistent power and comfort of being safer and more in control of the bike itself as it will not take them flying along.


If you are planning to ride in circles like a formula one player with a dirt bike, then you know what to expect from each track and are aware of everything that surrounds you and where you need to go. For that you will need a different type of bike than when you are trail riding.

Dirt bike in action

The plus side about a motocross bike is that it will be lighter than trail riding one due to the fact that trail bikes do not have an electric start and lack a gas reserve, meaning they have less gas tank capacity. This is beneficial as it gives rider an easier time going through jumps, tricks and turns.

Apart from that motocross bikes will have a two-stroke motor, making the band snappier. Meaning it won’t gradually increase the speed, but go from 0 to 100, meaning a rider must know how to control such a fast-moving bike, that is what makes it fit for races.

Trail Riding

Just as it sounds, you ride your bike on trails that can be found scattered through off highways areas and you will need the capability to withstand whatever they throw at you. Whether it is rocks in the ground or animals crossing.

Dirt bike Trail

Trail riding bikes have bigger tires though they consist of smaller wheels and plenty of rubber. They also have softer suspension so they can be extra comfy especially if you are in a bumpy ride. The gas tank will also make you spend more time outside as some have a gas reserve allowing you to go out for a long time.

When looking for a trail bike, height should weight in the choice. If you have a taller bike it will sure help when it comes to rocks, boulders, and even bushes that might hurt to you in the way. They also have an electric start up, instead of the same old pedal kick that motocross bikes have.

Bikes in General

Both motocross bikes and trail riding bikes can be used in any given terrain, but they usually fall in these two categories. You can totally race motocross with a trail riding bike. Though it might be heavier, therefore, limiting your jumps, and so on and so forth.

As for Trail riding with a motocross bike, it might not be as tall. Or have no gas reserve, leaving you strand less if you were not watching the gas that you had left. But it really depends from person to person.

Maybe you do not weight a lot and you rather race with a heavier bike, but you aren’t planning to trail ride. That could be one scenario in which you could go for the model even though that is not what you are going to use it for.

The CC values

The values for CC start all the way in the 50ccs, which is recommended for children of young ages, going up to 65ccs with are for older kids around the ages of 8-12. But the numbers keep growing, and as they grow the more advanced you need to be to ride them.

So, do not think that just because you are a beginner you are going to need a 50cc bike because a 6-year-old can ride it. There are so many to choose from, 70cc, 85cc, 125cc, which are regular numbers most people can ride. As for the highest most powerful engines, they can reach up to 250cc, 350cc and even 450cc! That is definitively fast!

Big Bad Engine

As you are not a professional, a higher CC value bike might be too much to handle when just starting off. CCs (Cubic Centimeters) is the way companies measure if a bike will have a more powerful or less powerful motor. A lower CC value making the bike less powerful.

Just because the number is lower does not mean you will end up with a little kid’s bike, the size of the engine is not what determines the size of the bike. So, you can have the same bike, but one will have a more powerful engine than the other.

If you are going for higher CCs, then you should be a more experienced rider who knows how to drive a powerful engine that can sometimes have a kick to it. Just make sure that before you attempt anything you will be safe and wear protection because you can get hurt especially if you cannot control the engine.

The Buying

If you are going to be shredding your bike, why do you have to buy a brand new one to scratch it all up? Look for resales of bikes that might be very modern and recent and that are in good condition. Because adding your own starches can be less expensive than making them in a brand-new bike.

There are so many websites that you can fins people selling tons of stuff in perfectly good conditions that need a new home. Don’t just recycle paper but bikes too. When you have outgrown your bike, you can resell it too!

Do keep in mind that some stores offer repairs or cleaning at no cost when you but with them. So, look into it as it may be worth it if you are planning to stay with the bike for long ass you should be comfortable with the number of CCs it brings on and if it has two or four strokes.

Once you are comfortable with your bike, take it home and do some spins on it. But never forget that whether you are in a physical store or in the world of the internet make sure you hop on the bike before sliding the card to make sure it is everything you want.

Let's take a look at the bikes.

1. Yamaha TTR-50

Yamaha TTR50

This model is very targeted at kids, as its speed is not powerful, but it gives young riders a great canvas to learn on. It has a four-stroke engine, with three gears making it one of the best motors to teach kids how to control and balance the bike. If you want to see more bikes fit for kids read the article: Best Dirt Bikes for 12-year-old kids and under.

The model sits low as it is meant for younger kids, as they can sit and place both feet in the ground it not only keeps them safe, but it also gives them tons of confidence and gives them the capability to control the bike around.

The throttle limiter that comes with the bike is great as it allows parents to control how fast kids can go. When kids have demonstrated that they have control of the bike, parents can unscrew the limiter giving their kids a little more freedom each time. Eventually fully removing the limiter.

One more thing that makes the Yamaha TTR-50 stand out is the electric start button compared to many other kick starters that does not work with every kid. The button is a great way to teach kids how to kick start in the future and not when they are too young.

Moving on now to the 2nd bike on the list

2. Kawasaki KLX 110

Dirt Bike for Beginner Kawasaki KLX110

Though still on the smaller side, this bike packs a little more of a punch as even adults can ride it. It weights only slightly more than a 50cc bike. Though it is still a four-stroke engine, making it a safer choice for smaller kids or beginning adults. 

With four gears it is plenty of speed for all the smaller drivers out there and gives a chance for newbies to get used to the speed.

With a 12-inch rear and 14-inch front tire, it is easier to go through rocky terrain without being uncomfortable. It can even handle more speed without the perfect terrain to ride on. This bike is truly a winner.

Going back to Yamaha,

3. Yamaha YZ125

Dirt Bike for Beginners Yamaha YZ 125

This bike is the king of the 125cc and two-stoke bikes, being the best in the market. Its weight is incredible, even with a full tank it only weights 205 pounds, which is hard to find! Making it perfect for a beginner to own the tracks or the trails.

The simplicity that this model was built over makes it extremely easy to rebuild if needed, all it takes is a gasket, rings and a new piston and you can rebuild it in an hour! No wonder other companies got rid of their 125cc bikes, they had major competition.

This bike fits anyone making it a great, reliable bike to look for. It does not go so slow that is for sure, so hold on cause this baby has a kick. It has been produces since the late 1970s and continues to be produced today, no one can argue that this model is not exceptional!

Jumping over to our last two models that both come from Honda.

4. Honda CRF230F

Honda CRF230F

This bike is just a bit below his older brother the 250cc, who we will also talk about. This bike reflects Honda’s reliability as it takes on whatever challenge you throw at it.

It is definitively a great bike to get newbies started on and being a four-stroke, all the rookies will catch on quick.

Its throttle control has no surprises as it is easy to ride, and the power band got you covered. Apart from that, it is equipped with a power button so no worrying about kicking this baby started. Just press the button and ride!

With a low center of gravity, it weights a total of 250 pounds. A good enough weigh that just about anyone can roll around and even pick up if you found it on the ground. With a comfy seat and a good sitting position in mind, this bike was made for anyone to ride.

Its tires are 18-inches in the back and 21-inches in the front, and it is sure to roll over any bumps that will come in the road. But maybe you want to invest in the CRF230F’s older brother, so let’s take a look at it shall we.

Last but not least we have the...

5. Honda CRF250X

Dirt Bike Honda CRF250X

Though Honda has showrooms packed with all the models, the resale values might be worth it if it comes with a few bumps for a lower price. But this is the bike with the highest CC in the list, coming at 250ccs. Being ideal for rookies who are taller and enjoy trail riding.

Just like its younger sibling it is equipped with an electric start button found on the handlebars. It also goes big on the tires. With 18-inches in the back and a whopping 21-inches in the front, which is sure to make any beginner confident and comfortable with rocky terrains.

Once your foot is locked in the pegs, balance is as easy as walking in a line. Especially since it has a four-stroke engine, allowing the new rider to have ease in controlling the bike. Though it has a lot of CCs it is not intimidating at all to ride.

Weighing about 255 pounds and with a low center of gravity newbies are sure to hop on and take full control of the bike. The fuel tank also is between the frame instead of on top, allowing the rookie to sit above the bike’s center of gravity giving them a great sense of reliability.


This wraps up our list. Always remember to stay safe and find the bike that works for you. The right bike will take you soaring through the skies and will ride over anything in trails. So, go out there and find your soulmate bike because it is waiting for you newbie. You got this!

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