Dirt Bike Tips and Tricks

Dirt Bike Riding Tips for Beginners (Ride Like a Pro)

Are you the adventurous speed freak that gets this high sensation especially with added obstacles and really harsh terrains? Then, dirt bike riding might just be it for you. But you can always benefit from some pro riding tips!

Dirt Bike Tips and Tricks

The thrill of high-speed, nerve-wracking, high flying, bumping and jumping all across freakish curves and racing thru sand and dirt will surely get you going.

If thinking about this already made your heart beat a lot faster than normal then, dirt bike riding will give you an absolute panicky, heart pumping and strong feeling.

Why Should You Get Into Dirt Biking Right Now?

Aside from the risk that every driver has to face and be responsibly oriented of, identifying the pros of starting out into dirt biking is beneficial:

  • It is thrilling, entertaining yet non-violent. As compared to getting into drug or alcohol abuse, this sport is a different and a unique of the way of getting high while looking at a faster adrenaline pumped up to experience.
  • You get to travel to a lot of places at once. Preferably going dirt ride drivers prefer going thru terrains with high mountains which have unusually cool places. Some of which places have not still been discovered.
  • Good health with good exercise. You will be surprised how it can be physically demanding especially when getting into the best shape possible. Also maintaining a good physique and form is a must to improve performance and stability. This is hitting more than two birds with just a single stone!
  • Safety is a must! Aside from that, the driving equipment looks so unique and cool. I'm pretty sure you gonna love it.
  • It enhances group bonding. It is always cooler to travel by pack or group, especially with dirt bike riding.

There are probably more benefits you can think of especially when driving on your own, though such experiences will be better to experience personally.

I know you want to learn how to ride a dirt bike like a Pro, that's the reason you must also read the article about the Top 7 Dirt Bike Beginner Mistakes.

Riding Like a Pro: Tips and Tricks in Practicing Dirt Bike Riding

Riding a dirt bike

Just like how it is when you started to learn how to ride the bike, the learning process when riding a dirt bike is almost the same.

Before driving, familiarize the parts of your dirt bike such as the handles that will help you steer the bike in the direction that you want to go.

Brakes that will slow down or stop the bike, throttle on which will accelerate the bike, grip handles, tires, and of course the engine; this varies from what type of dirt bike you are using.

Riding tips from the pros

Familiarize yourself with your bike

The first thing that you should do is get a feel of the bike. But there are certain key things you must focus on...

The throttle

Familiarize yourself with the throttle since the throttle controls the power of the bike. It regulates the fuel intake of your bike. It also regulates the speed or how fast the bike is going.

This is no easy task since it takes lots of practice. This highly depends on how strong your engine is and how sensitive the throttle is, too. which is very useful in riding a dirt bike.


Brakes are also an important aspect of riding a dirt bike since brakes allow you to stop. The dirt bike rider should be well acquainted with the brake on how strong the brake grip is and what necessary adjustments that the dirt bike rider should do to use the brakes effectively.

Weight of the bike

In riding a dirt bike the rider should also be familiar with the weight of the bike, the heavier the bike the harder it is to control it. Therefore the rider should be comfortable with the weight of the bike. 

If not then the biker should at least get used to the weight of the bike. Mastering the weight of the bike allows the rider to effectively control the bike. This is very important in steering the bike, stopping the bike from its momentum and basically riding the bike.

The engine

Last but not the least is the engine. One engine is different from another. There are engines that will only run with the right fuel on. Some engines do not run if you are using a different fuel incompatible to the bike.

There are also several different types of engines such as the two-stroke power engine and four-stroke power engines.

They basically differ in terms of fuel consumption and bike speed. There are also air cooled engines or liquid cooled engines and even electric powered engines.

The power of the motorcycle depends from its engine there are motorcycle engines that provide 50 cc and other motorcycle engines that can go super fast up to 650+ cc. The "cc" will indicate the power or the urge the engine provides the higher the cc the faster and stronger the bike is.

Wear your safety gear all the time.

This is an understandably given advice. Safety is always a priority. Aside from it minimizing injury it can also boost your confidence then improving performance.

Most of the time, accidents happen when one forgets to wear the safety equipment properly. You also might want to make sure that your gear fits you properly. Choose a better quality gear rather than a really cheap one. (especially on choosing a helmet)

Sites like Amazon sells very good safety products while still being affordable.

Do your research

Which is why you are probably reading this article which was wise of you to do. So then you are more prepared to actually going riding personally and giving everything a breath and try. Once you are precautioned, ride as often as you can! Get familiar with your bike (this includes where your controls are located)!

Remember to practice working out on your clutch and throttle! Also, practice riding on different terrain be it sand, rocks, mud or hardpack. Practice how you will handle your wheels and clutch as well as body position while riding.

Stand up as much as possible!

 Check your body mechanics while maintaining stability. Make sure that your knees are grappling the bike while squeezing your legs tightly on the bike. Standing can be beneficial especially with rough terrain. Shock can also be easily absorbed when standing.

Although standing also has its share of benefits especially when you are tired from a long extended ride although your body will be up for greater forces once sitting as compared to standing up.

Enjoy and have fun!

Accept that crashes will be normal however prepare your mind and body for it.

Crashing is just a way for you to learn but if you are wearing your full safety gear while crashing, then it is a whole different story than not wearing anything at all.

Power is fun but when starting out, make sure to choose the lighter bike rather than the heavier one.

Do not think too much and attract positivity. Everything starts with the mind and it can be debilitating to think of crashing most of the time. Set your mind to think of clean, fun and steady driving instead of always thinking of crashing.

Riding a dirt bike takes patience and a lot of practice one should know how to effectively balance the bike since a dirt bike is a two-wheeled vehicle.

Remember when running a dirt bike always keep your balance, be steady and balance. Falling will be of more frequency especially in the beginning.

So, are you up for the task?

The botton line

Dirt bike riding is a challenging experience although for any adventurous spirit it will surely be enjoyable. You need to set your mind to off-road gliding and riding through intense terrains, and muddy areas.

Do you remember the first time you ever rode a bicycle? I used to be very cautious that it took me years to learn how to do it. However, it will not probably be a good idea to delay learning dirt bike riding up to years.

Every bike rider can go through falling off the bike, losing control and can even sustain some small injuries although intense dangers can be avoided if you take extra precautions beforehand as mentioned above. This includes wearing your safety gear devoutly and practicing thoroughly!

What do you think of the tips mentioned above? Do you perhaps have additional tips to add? For comments, suggestions and violent reactions, please feel free to add up a comment and please share this article with your friends...