Dirt bike insurance cost- is cheaper better?

I have previously talked about how important having your dirt bike insured is, as a lot of accidents tend to happen you must be cautious of you and your surroundings. But how about the cost of dirt bike insurance? Is it spending wisely or wasting away money?

Insurance can cost an arm and a leg. Dirt bike insurance doesn't have to. Look into how to save money and why you don't have to pay a pretty penny for it.

Why is dirt bike insurance costs cheaper than motorcycles?

First off, since a dirt bike is NOT a road vehicle like a motorcycle, the insurance tends to stay low. This is because crashes with cars and other road vehicles tend to be hard as dirt bikes are off-road vehicles and are usually safer for insurance companies. 

The insurance is typically cheaper due to the restrictive laws that can limit where bikers ride, which decreases the chances of accidents. Dirt bikes lack qualities that make a vehicle safe for the road such as signal lights and rearview mirrors. Therefore, having lower insurance costs as they are not allowed to drive on roads. But how low is the insurance?

How much does it cost to insure a dirt bike?

Well, that can vary depending on the company of your choice. As you add on to the basic plans to cover more, the cost increases.

First, let's look into the cost of other vehicles, and how much they spend on average.

Currently in the united states, ensuring a car can sure cost you! The national average for a year of insurance though the 50 states total up to $1,457. The lowest being $845 and the highest being $2,611 yearly. That can sure add up though your lifetime...

Motorcycles are not too far behind. With the most expensive yearly cost being $1,360 and the cheapest being $382, the entire state averages out to a total of $593.96‬ yearly. Though it is not as much as a car, it can be quite expensive depending on which state you live in.

Pretty penny

Dirt bikes, however, have fairly low pricing and can be quite affordable to the general public. However, keep in mind that prices can vary, and it might depend on where you live, the cost of your bike, or if it has safety upgrades. Let's look into the cost of insuring a dirt bike.

What is the average cost to insure a bike?

Surprisingly, it does not rank that high compared to other insurance costs. It ranges from $19 to around $77 monthly and anywhere from $213 to $837 yearly. The average total of 5 companies gives you is about $474.2‬0 yearly.

With the amount of coverage you can get for your bike, it is a good price to pay. Though it will depend on your provider. And choosing a provider can be the hardest part of the job. But worry not as I am here to help.

What companies insure dirt bikes?

There are plenty of insurance companies that will try to offer you the best price, so first let's look at the list of options you can choose from. 

These are some of the most commonly known companies:

Keep in mind that if you have insurance with any company, whether it is for a car, house or health, they tend to give you a discount if you choose them.

Other companies to look into include:

  • USAA
  • Farmers
  • Dairyland
  • Esurance
  • The general
  • Auto Owners

There are many companies out there, that are not limited to the lists above. Look into your where you reside and the companies that can be found there as many are not found throughout the entire country.

One of the most time-consuming parts of finding good insurance prices is talking to agents and finding what is best for you. However, sometimes it is not just about the prices, but it is important to compare dirt bike insurance costs and the companies. As well as, their offers and what they cover. At the end of the day, cheaper is not always better.

Though keep your eyes open, as many companies give discounts for various things and might even cover other accessories that you have added onto the bike or even your safety equipment.

Dirt bike insurance cost discounts

Many people wonder if it is possible to receive a discount, the answer is absolute yes! There are plenty of ways you can save some money, and have your insurance at a reasonable price.

 This includes being a loyal customer, insuring more than one bike,  and even, having car insurance with them. These discounts range from 10 to 20% in most companies and can help you save some money. However, there are many other ways too...

Dirt bike insurance cost discounts

Clean history

Being a good driver is very crucial, and insurance companies recognize that. Having a clean driving record can lead to companies reducing the cost of your insurance as you have a clean and good driving history.

Though to receive this discount, you often need to have had multiple years of good, and safe driving. Most companies will give you up to 10% discount.

Installing anti-theft devices

This policy can end up saving you at least 10% in most companies when your bike has anti-theft devices such as a GPS tracker installed.

Make sure you ask you about what devices you can install, you may end up wasting a little money, but in the end, you can save more than what you spent.

Completing a safety course

Though this is not offered by the majority of the companies it is still a good option. You can also get some information and learn something new while saving around 10%.

Additionally, some companies like Geico give this discount if you have completed a Military safety course.

These are simple ways that you can reduce your dirt bike insurance cost, and many of them are not hard to do! So make sure you get involved in them to get a bit of a discount, and even more than one depending on the companies' policy.

Questions to ask your insurance agent

When closing a deal with any company of your choice, or deciding which is the best company for you, it is important to ask questions.

The goal is to find an insurance company that fits into your requirements and that will line up the best with your needs. Here are some questions that you should ask when purchasing your insurance.

Questions about dirt bike insurance cost

What are the requirements of my country/state?

First off, some places might require off the road vehicle insurance, others leave it up to the driver. However, you might have to look into the minimum liability coverage of your state and see if it fits into your financials. 

This is an important conversation to have with your agent as it gives you an inside to how much coverage you will be getting in case of an accident.

What other dirt bike insurance plans to consider?

It is important to cover multiple things when you're in an accident, so you should ask your agent what does the company cover.

Bodily injury (& property damage liability)is in the most basic of packages, therefore it is a requirement. These two coverages are required as they cover any injuries or damages that the rider causes to other drivers, pedestrians, or bystanders. 

However, some companies consider " property damage liability" as an add on, that is why you should ask your agent what that particular company offers and the packages they can offer you.

Here are some plans that your insurance company might offer:

  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage liability
  • Comprehensive
  • Collision
  • Medical payment insurance
  • Uninsured motorist insurance
  • Theft insurance
  • Roadside and towing assistance

Keep in mind that your dirt bike insurance cost will come down to what plans you got, and how much coverage you have overall. The more you add on to your plan, the higher the price will rise.

However, you have to determine your price point and how much you are willing to spend. I even recommend taking a look at your monthly expenses and determining how much you can actually spend.

Go into the agency with that price point and try not to cross that maximum amount. Nevertheless, spend your money wisely on the coverages that fit you and your lifestyle.

 For example, if you live in a farm what are the chances you will crash into a car with your off the road vehicle in the middle of nowhere? Since it is a low probability you might not want to invest in that type of coverage.

Does the insurance cover the guest passenger?

Though this will apply mainly if you use it as a means of transport around farmland, for example. It is still important to know whether the person with you is safe too. 

This is less common as when you ride it mainly alone and compete by yourself. However, it could apply to you, so make sure if it does to ask your agent.

This can depend on your location, to make sure you get a correct answer, ask your local agent. However, some companies offer it as an add on for " guest passenger liability" to cover the other person riding with you.

Does dirt bike insurance cost cover custom accessories?

Does dirt bike insurance cost cover custom accessories?

Though standard coverages usually do not include custom accessories you can still ask your agent. Companies like Geico do cover custom helmets as they can be quite expensive, especially some that have technological aspects installed.

Geico covers "saddlebags, backrests, seats, chrome pieces and CB radios. If needed, additional coverage can be purchased. Protection for your helmet as well. " 

The only requirement for these coverages on your equipment is that "you must carry comprehensive or collision coverage on your policy." 

Should I get coverage for medical payments?

Even if you are an amazing driver with a clean history, you cannot control everyone else on the road. Medical payment can help you from getting into debt whether you crashed into someone or something, or someone crashed on your bike.

Medical payments can sure add up and end up being very expensive, having coverage means that your company will help pay some of your bills. Therefore, easing your financials and your bills. Dirt bike insurance cost way less than other insurances, so it is very affordable.

Am I eligible for any dirt bike insurance cost discounts?

As I have previously talked about, there are various ways to save a little money and get some discounts. However, all companies are different, therefore, you can ask your agent what you can qualify for or what you can do to get a discount as some companies might have additional discounts.

You might get friends and family discounts if any of your family members or friends work in the company, so keep that in mind!

Does it include roadside assistance?

Most companies throw it in as a free service, however, others will charge you a little extra a month to add this service on. Therefore, you should ask your agent if it is something you can receive free of charge.

This is a very important point to bring up to your agent, as if you break down or get stuck in some muddy situations, you need someone to call. So, it is better to know before rather than having to pay extra because it was not a part of your plan.

Whether you got stuck on mud, ran out of a gas or just got a flat tire, you need someone to call, so make sure they will be there for you in your time of need.


Is the dirt bike insurance cost worth it?

At the end of the day, the cost of dirt bike insurance is not incredibly high,and affordable to the general public. It will keep you safe and away from debt as the company will be your backup if anything happens.

It is a great investment even if it is an off the road vehicle. Accidents don't just include crashing with other cars. Plenty of things, from crashing into a fence to breaking your leg on a fall. 

Insuring your dirt bike and your safety is crucial, and should always come first no matter what. So get to researching, there are various options to choose from!

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