Dirt Bike for Tall Riders

How to Adjust Dirt Bike For Taller Riders

In any game, you take an interest at, regardless of what it is, the gear included can come in various shapes and sizes to suit the competitor. Taller riders may have some issues when it comes to fitting in gear, bikes, etc...

Taller rider

2Tall Racing has planned tried and produced alongside formulating a recipe to fabricate dash on units for KTM (Husqvarna coming soon) bikes to fit taller riders.

The packs incorporate machined parts that raise the sub outline, fuel tank and handlebars on a current KTM to fit pilots who are taller (typically 6'1″ or more).

Most dirt bikes fit a rider of 1.75cm or 5'9ft in stature.

This is done to suit the American market which is the greatest market on the planet for rough terrain bicycles. So why don’t they fabricate to fit the requirements of taller riders?

The answer is simple. Money. The expense of delivering rough terrain cruisers for taller riders is basically too high.

What Dirt Bike Should Taller Riders Get?

It's hard to state what situate tallness. The issue is that a few people have longer legs, and taller cores. The outline should ideally assist you in estimating what size of seat you need to get on a dirt bicycle.

Remember that these measurements are approximations to give you to get a general thought of what bikes you could ride. The best way to know without a doubt what fits you is to go sit on a bicycle and give it a shot.

Estimating a Dirt Bike for Taller Kids

Getting the correct size of a dirt bike for children is trickier, in light of the fact that you have two extra factors to consider:

(1) Getting a bicycle where the child feels great and not excessively scared.

(2) Enables the child to grow a little without the need to replace their bike yearly.

You can reduce both of these issues by ensuring you get them a dirt bicycle where just the tips of their feet and toes reach the two sides.

Along these lines, they can grow a bit and will simply come to the heart of the matter of being level footed. On the off chance that you begin level footed, one year from now the ride can be a genuine issue.

Method to Change the Height of a Dirt Bike

Numerous dirt bike riders aren't aware that you can change the height of your dirt bicycle to suit you. There isn't one basic change switch, however, there are two methods you can do to have a similar impact.

Getting a bicycle to fit you appropriately will essentially enhance your strategy and make you feel more comfortable.

Bring down the dirt bike

The most straightforward approach to change the seat height is to just remove the padding from your seat cushion. This can be done by cutting or removing the foam to sink the seat.

Another choice is to just push the foam, therefore, making it become softer and sink down an inch or two. Another choice is to set the back suspension of your bicycle to the most reduced setting you can.

Raise the dirt bike

The least demanding method is to just get a taller seat which can give you an additional 2″ without changing any elements of the bike.

Mounting the handlebars turned forward, can also help as you will get taller handlebars. Though it doesn't raise the seat, it gives you more space to move forward on the seat so you aren't pushed back too far.

The Bottom Line

One size does not fit all. Bringing down the seat may help somewhat, however, taller riders shouldn't have to adjust based on the bike! Hopefully in the future bikes will adjust to taller riders and everything will be a little easier.

Luckily, some dirt bikes are better fits for riders taller than 6-feet-tall. How about you? Comment your height!