Dirt bikes for kids- fun for the little ones

Ever heard the phrase "monkey see, monkey do"? Well, kids are usually like that, and it is not hard to get a kid to be fascinated with riding. A dirt bike can make their dreams come true, however, every parents' job is to keep their kids safe. Here are the best dirt bikes for kids.

Kids at such a young age can be quite fragile and easily hurt, therefore a lot of factors come into keeping them safe and sound. Though a very popular question from parents is, how young is too young?

Age to ride

Though some people claim that age is just a number, little kids lack the strength to hold on to the bike and end up falling off. So, how old do kids need to be to ride a dirt bike? There is no right answer, every kid is different. Some are tall at young ages and can touch the floor from their bike with no issues, others cannot.

Some parents have been riding for so long that their kid is basically born riding a dirt bike. Mainly parents allow their kids to ride when they feel they are ready to. Parents know their children more than everyone else. Most kids start at the age of 4 on average.

Starting off

What are dirt bikes for kids?

Some parents believe that motorcycles and dirt bikes are the same thing, however, that is a very common mistake. While motorcycles are dangerous, dirt bikes are actually safer. They are used to ride in terrain, compete or just as a hobby and bring a ton of joy to anyone around them.

They are not allowed to ride in roads, therefore are less dangerous as they are away from cars and traffic. Dirt bikes were made for uneven trails and rocky roads. Even the tires of a dirt bike are constructed in such a way that it gives the rider maximum grip of the roads' surface.

All of these things make riding not only easier and safer but it brings joy to kids who like competing and adore adventures outside. Remember that you can join in too, it is never late to start!

Dirt bikes are not motorcycles


If your child is a beginner there is no need to go all out and buy the most expensive bike, as children tend to get sick of new toys rather quickly and end up leaving them fairly sooner than later. 

Purchasing used bikes that are in good condition will not only help the environment as you are recycling, but it will also help your pockets too! When doing so in websites like eBay, just make sure it is a good riding condition for your kid and it will not compromise their safety. 

There are hundreds of competitors in the market out there today, so it is best for your to carefully do your homework when it comes to pricing.

The price of the bike CAN reflect its better quality, however it might not always be the case. Regular models that are well known can range anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000...on a first bike that is a bit expensive! However, you can find some models for prices ranging from $200 to $800.

Make sure you take the time to look online, stores and ultimately test it out at a shop somewhere. It is always good to try it before you buy is!

Once your kid takes interest and truly falls in love with the sport, you should consider getting them a more expensive bike and even good insurance which does not have to be expensive.

Size of dirt bikes for kids

Kids come in all shapes, sizes, colors and heights. Therefore what applies to one, may not apply to all. It is important for the kid to be tall enough to somewhat reach the ground, and weight the bike down at the same time.

Though 6 is a safer age to begin riding, with the right amount of adult supervision, kids begin riding at the age of 4.

To make sure your kid is big enough for the bike, make sure their feet can touch the ground. However keep in mind that kids grow extremely fast and the bike might not last as long as you hoped for. 

So, to buy yourself a little more time, make sure their toes can reach the ground but not their whole foot. This way they can still hold themselves up and will eventually grow into the bike, then reaching the ground.

Battery-powered bikes could be a great what to start, mainly because they do not overpass 15 miles per hour. This is crucial as it will give the kid safety overall and a fall will not cause so much damage.

On the other hand, many bikes for kids weight around more than 25 pounds and have 22 inches seats that can be hard to manage for such a small child.


Kids at just 4 years old can handle and ride a 50cc bike, especially if there are attachable training wheels that allow parents to have a bit of peace in mind. 

However, these 50cc bikes are mainly targeted for ages 5-8 as they tend to be heavier, therefore, they need more weight to keep the bike controlled. This cannot be done by every 4-year-old because of their lack of weight.


The suspension of a bike can usually make a difference in stability. The safer option is to go for an electric-powered bike, this way they will even have time restrictions and you will not need to worry about gas.

As they grow you can begin buying 2-stroke and 4-stroke bikes as they will be a bit more powerful and better for your child to learn stability.


Before allowing your kid to ride on a dirt bike, it is important to make sure that they not only have the strength to hold on to the handles and keep themselves up, but they should also have posture.

As incredible as it may seem, having posture can be a big part of driving a dirt bike. Riders should keep their bodies upright when riding, even through bumpy roads. 

This will help protect them against falls and from becoming a hunchback. It will also aid them in keeping themselves on the bike.

Starting up dirt bikes for kids

Dirt bikes for kids, as well as adults surprisingly, do not have keys. Nowadays dirt bikes either have push-starts or kick starts.

However, for such a small child, a kick start may be a very hard task to do at first, especially in such a good age. Though it will most likely vary depending on which type of bike you purchase. 

An electric bike often has a push start. The power switch can be found on the battery case and needs to be turned on and then twist the throttle to be able to ride.

If you chose a gas dirt bike, you will need to pull the handle that connects the engine with a string to be able to start it up. Other models might be a kick start in which the driver has to kick the stand back to ignite the engine.

These might vary from bike to bike, if you read the instruction manual thoroughly you will be just fine!


Whether you are 2 or 88, passion is what drives us to like something and want to be better in it. For many kids, this can be found in a sport that they began playing at recess or just a sport that a role model plays.

And like any sport, dirt bikes can too captivate many children into riding and cruising around. This is why it is important for parents to understand, support, and love the sport their child chooses.

So comes the question that some parents dread. Why do dirt bikes attract kids? And are dirt bikes for kids an actual sport?

Why kids enjoy the ride

There are various reasons as to why kids enjoy sports like dirt biking, so let's go over them.


Kids get tired from riding dirt bikes

To begin with, sports can drain their energy, making them sleep better at night. As some parents know, it can become impossible to put their kids to bed. However, when they find extra activities after school, they end up feeling tired by the end of the day. Nevertheless, setting up their own internal clock for themselves.


They begin creating groups of friends around the sport that they all enjoy and therefore socializing. And parents get involved too...moms and dads end up making friendships with other parents. This can be very important for kids that are quite shy around others.

This will give them a chance to be in a situation that allows friendships to quickly form, with kids their own age. Not only can this create long term friendships, but they will also learn social skills and begin to understand their own interests.


There are dirt bikes for kids competing divisions too! And everyone loves the thrill of winning. To cross the finish line and feel victorious. Kids, even at young ages like it too. It gives them a chance to learn how to act even when they lose and gives parents a big opportunity to teach them.


While in activities after school activities, kids have the opportunity to learn new things after school. This can apply to sports such as soccer, football and yes, even dirt biking. The skills they learn are not only to secure their safety but they also learn responsibility.

From learning how to drive to dealing with the change between terrains. Breaking down, falling down and feeling down may all play a part in the learning experience. However, that's with a lot of things in life.


Kids like copying others, especially at a young age. Watching their parents drive, or older siblings may invoke them to want to experience it too. And what better way to do that then a dirt bike?

They want to feel in control too! Wind through the hair, the adrenaline pumping, the rush of the wind, and the freedom that comes with it. Not only giving them responsibility but adding on a sense of ownership.


Last but not least, the experience can be crucial to keep kids safe. As the experience grows, so does the speed, height of the seat, and both the weight of the bike and the child.

Some bikes can be adjusted, therefore, giving parents the option to regulate their kids until they have gained experience. This is not only good for the parents, but it allows the kid to get better at a certain trick or skill to move on to the next level. Almost like a video game!

Buying dirt bikes for your kids...

Choosing a bike that will suit the needs of your kid comes from a handful of factors. Plenty of factors can go into finding your child the right bike. Here is a list of factors that could influence your decision and what we will look into today on the best-rated bikes:

  • Power
  • Tank size
  • Stroke
  • Hand brake
  • Engine size
  • Trainer wheels
  • Bike weight
  • Rider's max weight
  • Seat height
  • Max Speed
  • Battery life
  • Price

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, my friend. Believe me when I tell you that it goes way deeper. There is an abundance of other things you can look into concerning a dirt bike for kids. Tires, charging time, terrain conditions...on and on and...

Info Table

I have also included a table to make it easier for you to understand what bike you want to mainly focus on, then you can just read more about that specific one.

Table dirt bikes for kids

The best dirt bikes for kids

1. Razor MX350 electric dirt bike


Apart from being very popular, this brand is also very reliable as they have high-quality products that tend to go above and beyond.

The Razor MX350 is one of the most well-known bikes, apart from being very highly rated and the best in the market at the moment. 

It is an electric bike, therefore all you need to do is plug it in and leave it charging, no hustle of filling up the tank! However, don't be fooled. This bike reaches a maximum of 14 miles per hour, which is very safe for most kids.

When fully charged, the bike can go for about 30+ minutes before needing to charge, long enough for your kids to have good and safe fun.

It is also very lightweight due to its materials being mainly plastic and steel. Weighing in at around 65-70 pounds and being able to withstand 150 pounds. The materials keep the bike sturdy, but not too heavy, as well as durable and able to withstand tough terrain or bumpy roads.

The bike includes 12- inch tires, which are pretty large, and it seats 20 inches up. However, the hand brakes only take control of the rear wheel and no the front one, which can sometimes worry some parents, though it is not a safety hazard.

These tires make it easier for kids to go off the road and ride around in the grass, mud, gravel, roads, dirt trails...you name it. This will then build their confidence in transitioning from one to the other. Also allowing for good traction as they are pneumatic. Apart from that, to ease the comfort of the rider they absorb some of the shocks.

Kids in mind

As this bike is designed for younger riders, the grip throttle is twistable, this will then allow the riders more control of the bike. This can be worrying to parents as their kids might mess with it before they are ready to learn a new skill. And as Razor maid it so easy to twist, be careful of young riders.

With the idea of kids behind it, Razor came up with an adjustable handlebar. These can be lowered or raised to keep the rider comfortable and come with non-slipping rubber grips to help kids have a tighter grip.

However, they did not forget the parents. This dirt bike for kids is powered by two rechargeable batteries of 12V each. Though the motor has power and it is chain driven, the bike is relatively quiet. It is not 100% silence, but it will sure to give parents less of a headache.

Though that headache might begin before the actual riding does. When purchased through certain places, the bike only comes 85% assembled. Worry not, there are videos for you to quickly install the adjustable handlebar, number plate, and the front fender.

Overall, this bike is truly one of a kind, and is sure to give your kid one heck of a ride!

This bike can be bought on Razor, Amazon, and Walmart.

2. Razor SX500 McGrath Dirt Rocket Electric Bike

Razor SX500 dirt bikes for kids

This bike was inspired by Jeremy McGrath, a famous motocross rider. He is one of the most famous, and well-known american races, and was named the "King of Supercross." The bike incorporates some of McGrath's features for success. And if you do not know him, make sure to check him out! 🙂

These include good speeds, a sleek and simple design, and high torque, which can sure come in handy! Other features of the bike are dual suspensions, a retractable kickstand, large and durable tires, and riding handlebars.

It is so awesome that it resembles an adult, real dirt bike instead of a little kid's bike. But in no means does it imply that it will ever reach the speeds of a dirt bike. Quite the contrary actually. 

The maximum speed the bike is able to reach is around 15 miles per mile, making it safe for kids while still having a good looking design.

The riding can last around 40 minutes and it is currently one of the hottest bikes in the market today. And to make this bike just a bit more incredible, it comes with an authentic signature from none other than the bike's inspiration, Jeremy McGrath.

The SX500 is an upgrade from the MX350, as it has all its features and a little more. This includes the adjustable handlebars and other features that made it to the design.

Riders can expect a little inside on the world of powerful and high torque electric motors, however, it is not something parents will need to worry about. Therefore, it is the best of both worlds.


Dual hand-operated brakes

Safety is nothing to play with, and the designers of the bike kept that in mind as they were making this bike. However, if not used properly safety features might be the ones to get us into trouble.

The design includes individual brakes on both sides to properly stop the bike quickly. But, if your kid is not careful and slams the brakes while going full speed, they might be jolted forward.

So, make sure to instruct your kid to slowly break over a short period of time, and not just slam the brakes at a high speed as it might insure them.


The Razor SX500 has large tires with knobs that grip the ground and allows the bike to get faster. The bikes are an improvement from the MX350 as it can deal with tougher terrain and are usually more durable for riding. This is also helpful for bigger, taller and heavier kids.

Dual suspension

The bike is equipped with dual suspension. This is because the bike moves fast with the size of its long-lasting battery. Additionally, this bike requires more shock absorbency than its little brother, the MX350.

Closed system

Lastly, the SX500 is a closed driving system. This means that parents do not need to worry about their kids burning themselves because the bike gets hot. And by having a closed system, there are fewer chances of anything getting stuck in the motor!

The bike is also equipped with high-torque, and is powered by three 12V rechargeable batteries. All together the batteries add up to 36V.

3. KTM 50 SX


From 4 to 10, this motorcycle is sure to give your kid one heck of a ride! Apart from being an actual gas bike, it also has top-quality features just like the rest of its family.

Its features make it a very popular bike when diving into the MX bikes. One of the best parts is the regulatable features that were installed with the little ones in mind. And the parents too ?

The bike gives parents the chance to regulate the power the bike gets and has an automatic clutch for all the small newbies.

With its good looking designs, adjustable rear suspensions and its ability to go fast while still being controlled sure hooks the kids and parents in. It is a great option for any kid that is starting out. And any parent that cannot get the idea through their head!

This particular choice of bike is very recommended as it will give you total control while still allowing you to see your kid's progress. You also have the opportunity to wait until you feel they are responsible enough to regulate their speed.



The bike has the extra safety of the front and rear brakes while still managing to keep off the weight and keeping lightweight wave discs. This makes sure not to add any other additional weight onto the bike,

This also helps with giving the child the feeling that they are in control and that they determine their safety. This feature is a big pro on the KTM 50SX.


Tires can hold a lot a weight, therefore ending up having the kid unable to control themselves while on the bike itself.

Having tires that are full size, yet lightweight gives the rider a more comfortable ride. However, the strength and long term durability should still be present even if it is for lightweight kids.

Additionally, tires should have knobs and be grippy to hold on to any surface including any tough terrain or trails.


The 50 SX has an aluminum alloy handlebar that is a very high-quality aluminum alloy. Apart from providing a great feeling of control for the rider, it also helps with their stability. The design also includes a crash pad that is located in the center brake to protect from hard falls.

This can be quite a useful feature not only to keep parents calm but to keep the kids safe. Moreover, they will learn how to control the bike better and earn their stability.


Like its older siblings in the same range, the 50 SX has a system of liquid cooling that even reaches the crankcase. Parents may be worried due to the bike overheating, especially since is gas, and burning their kids. 

However, the cooling system keeps everything running smoothly. In addition, if you are a concerned parent, you can always get them boots that will protect them in case the engine gets hot for whatever reason.

4. Starmax 40cc

Starmax 40cc

This is the smallest displacement bike that made it into this list. Coming in with 40cc, it is an ideal choice if you want to slowly introduce motocross to your child. This is an incredible mini gas dirt bike that has amazing features!

The winning feature is the single-cylinder 4-stroke engine. The engine is small enough to keep the speed to around 18 miles per hour. However, it is still strong enough to transition from one type of terrain to another. And it also gives your kids a sense of safety in trails. 

Additionally, the engine is one of the most silent types and the noise will be quite controlled as well as being more gentle than a 2-stroke model. 

Moreover, there is little exhaust smoke, so you are keeping the earth cleaner then some other models would. The engine does burn regular gas like a car, however, it does not require oil or oil changes.

Let's go over some mentionable features it includes...


Rider's weight withstanding

As incredible to believe as it is, the bike was tested by adults and the results were quite impressive. The bike is so well built, it was able to withstand 200 pounds. Thought the bike could not reach its maximum speed due to the weight, the bike can still be ridden.

Lightweight design

The engineers of Starmax bikes are definitively minimalist. Most of the bike is attached to the metal frame and still, the bike weighs just a bit more than 50 pounds. 

This might make some parents believe the metal frame is not as sturdy as it is made to believe. However, it is assured to care a lot of weight, therefore there is nothing to worry about. Especially as it can even carry adults with no problem.

5. Xtremepower 49cc

Xtremepower 49cc dirt bikes for kids

The Xtremepower is designed to be stable without taking away control of the bike. With large tires that help stability and giving a good grip to the track. The rider can go from road to track in a smooth transition, therefore, having a good foundation of a bike you would want to get your kid.

There are some awesome features that went into the making of the bike, and others that are important to keep in mind before purchase.

Gas mix recipe

The engine of this bike does not just burn gas. The engine runs on something called mixed fuel. It is placed in the bike by using a mixing bottle (usually comes with the bike) that allows the perfect mixing of the fuel.

This fuel is made of regular gas and 2 cycle engine oil, and must be mixed together in a ratio of 25:1 or as stated in the manual of the bike itself.

2 cycle engine oil can be bought in common places such as Walmart and Home Depot and have quite an inexpensive price tag.

Dual suspension

The bike features a front hydraulic and has back spring suspensions that assure your kid a better ride. Additionally, they provide a smoother riding experience, which can help kids transition from pavement to trails and terrains.

The dual suspension also gives the kids more confidence and better shock absorbency making it easier for them to withstand impact.

The engine

Last but not least, is the engine. This is where many people begin believing that there is no difference between a 49cc and a 50cc engine. However, keep in mind that bikes are made to be very powerful.

So much so that 1cc is enough to reduce the speed of the bike by 10 mph. The 49cc engine can reach around 20 miles an hour, while a 50cc can reach around 30. If you are worried, pick the 49cc as it will start your kid off slower.

One of the only downsides to a bike like this is the 2 a stroke engine that is quite louder than a 4 stroke and can feel quite jolty to drive. However, some people enjoy the blaring engine of a good motorcycle!

6. MotoTec 50cc demon

mototec 50cc demon

Many consider MotoTec the perfect starting bike as it has a 50cc engine. Meaning it will give you good speeds, torque, and safety. Additionally, it is fairly simple to set up and is very reliable as it usually has high reviews.

The pull start can be used by kids too and it has an improved carburetor. Designers also included standard safety features sure to keep your kids secure.

As the bike is designed for outdoor riding, it was designed to withstand both wet and dry conditions. This gives your kids some extra hours of fun even if it is raining. ☔

No excuses from parents now!

Moreover, the bike rides on gas which is easier to fill up compared to waiting around to charge an electrical. It is no secret that the design was made to handle any type of off-road.

Its chrome alloy frame holds your child's weight. Even as they grow a bit more. Other features include rear shock suspension to create a smoother ride, disc brakes, and a pull cord to start the bike.

The bike is also CE and EPA approved. It is no wonder this bike has an attitude of a big ride. All these features make it simple to ride as it is fully automatic and makes it perfect for kids.

So let's go over some other notable features.

Gas mix recipe

Just like the Xtremepower, the engine of this bike does not just burn gas. The engine runs on something called mixed fuel. It is placed in the bike by using a mixing bottle (usually comes with the bike) that allows the perfect mixing of the fuel.

This fuel is made of regular gas and 2 cycle engine oil and must be mixed together in a ratio of 25:1 or as stated in the manual of the bike itself.

2 cycle engine oil can be bought in common places such as Walmart and Home Depot and have quite an inexpensive price tag.


The longer-lasting tires with a higher grip make sure that they will last at least for a bit of time. It also has wheel bearings that are high grade and actual riding tires that are made to ride outside.

These particular tires are such high riding quality it differs them from other brands and kikes. Again, this is a very well-rated bike that sure has a lot of features to beat!


Lastly, the restriction of the throttle that allows parents to control the speed of their kid's bike is a very popular feature with this model. 

Parents can control the throttle and give their kids more responsibility and speed as they think they are ready for it. Which is a very crucial need for some parents.

Bottom line

When your kids are growing up, their memories will live with them for a long time. Though there is a lot to look for, a bike can be passed down or bought used. Especially since kids grow so fast nowadays.

 You have to think about factors such as where you live. Do you have a backyard? If you don't how will you get the bike to a riding location? 

Is your child tall enough? How much speed can they handle? Is your child going to give up and move on to something else? Are you prepared to aid them if they get hurt? How will you prevent falls? Are you going to talk to them about safety? 

It is crucial to know if you are prepared to get a dirt bike for your kid. Especially since dirt bikes for kids are a special thing!

If you are not quite a craftsman, you can opt for the bike to be built by a professional before shipping. Or you can get in there and do it yourself. If you are looking to avoid both go with an electric bike, as all you need to do is plug it to charge. ?

Having a bike that requires low to no maintenance and/ or assembly can give you peace of mind as the kid can be responsible to plug the bike to charge. However, if you see that your kid is a bit more committed to biking you can go for a gas bike.

Hopefully, you have narrowed or made your choice for THE dirt bike. Let us know which dirt bikes for kids are your favorites and how much your kid loves it in the comments below! ? 

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