Best Motocross Movies Of All Time

Are you inspired by that hyped up feeling during extreme dirt bike riding? Going through harsh terrains and riding towards the sunset in that dirt road?  How about motocross movies… do they interest you?Let’s dive in and see what we got here….What are the Best of the Best Motocross Movies?These are some of the things […]

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Adventure motorcycle

Gear Packing List (What to take)

A dog has his master, the beach has the sand, and a pro rider has his gear ready to go. Let’s go though all the important things you will need to go on a ride.WaterA rider’s closest companion may be their hydration-pack, or fundamentally a backpack with water.While you’re riding, it’s simply impractical to constantly […]

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License required for Dirt Bike or ATV ?

Do you need a License to Drive a Dirt Bike or an ATV?

Imagine life without having to worry about getting licenses. Zero worries and stress over police getting permits or stopping you while on the road.Would not that be worrisome and free? However, the downside to that, of course, is a life of chaos and disorder.So, the simple question is: “Do you need a license to drive […]

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Dirt Bike for Kids

Best Dirt Bikes for 12-year-old kids and under

Are you looking for the best dirt bikes for your active 12-year-old  free-spirited kid? Perhaps that bike that can help your child as they prepares to be the next motocross star? It’s time to learn more about dirt bike for kids…Honestly, looking for the best dirt bike can be practically challenging.Here is a dirt bike for […]

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Dirt Bike Tips and Tricks

Dirt Bike Riding Tips for Beginners (Ride Like a Pro)

Are you the adventurous speed freak that gets this high sensation especially with added obstacles and really harsh terrains? Then, dirt bike riding might just be it for you. But you can always benefit from some pro riding tips!The thrill of high-speed, nerve-wracking, high flying, bumping and jumping all across freakish curves and racing thru […]

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Dirt Bike Beginner Mistakes

Top 7 Dirt Bike Beginner Mistakes You Can Avoid

Dirt Biking techniques do not just happen overnight. But you can learn, and to learn you sometimes have to make mistakes.They are a product of thorough practice which will then be a part of your memory so then it will be easier to execute. So for newbie drivers, we have wrote down 7 basic mistakes […]

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