Do Dirt Bikes Have Keys

Do dirt bikes have keys?

All vehicles that you have driven before had keys, right? Even a construction vehicle has keys! As odd as it may seem dirt bikes do not have keys. And with that comes a very crucial question…why don’t dirt bikes have keys?Why don’t dirt bikes have keys?The answer to this is quite simple, dirt bikes aren’t meant […]

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4-stroke Dirt Bike Engine

How a 4-Stroke Dirt Bike Engine Works

Are you trying to figure out how a 4-stroke engine differs from the 2-stroke engines? Are you concerned with regards to your safety especially when going on dirt bike riding? (Which is probably why you are reading through this article right now.) We have researched and gathered information regarding dirt bikes and how the engine works.Dirt […]

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2 Stroke Dirt Bike Engine

How A 2-Stroke Dirt Bike Engine Work?

Ever wondered how a 2-stroke engine works? What mechanism is triggered when talking about a motorcycle’s engine and power?It is not really that complex as you might be thinking. Read along to check and figure out what a 2-stroke engine looks like and the process it goes through.Comparing 2-Stroke v. 4-Stroke Engines2-Stroke EnginesUsed in chainsaws and […]

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Street Legal Dirt Bikes

What Are Street Legal Dirt Bikes?

Some days ago I saw a regular motorcycle in the street and all of sudden I got curious about the question “are dirt bike street legal? ” And are there ” street legal dirt bikes? “Yes, a dirt bike is street legal as long as it is correctly equipped to run on the street according to […]

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Fast Dirt Bikes

How Fast Do Dirt Bikes Go? (For speed freaks)

Have you ever seen those thin but cool looking bikes running on the dirt and asked how fast they go?The humming engine, fans, and spectators looking fascinated by the display of these fast and entertaining vehicles. Dirt Bikes are one of the extreme sports out there that gives you the goosebumps and thrill.The high flying […]

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