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Tires on a dirt bike

Best Dirt Bike Boots For Trail Riding

Some time ago I was wondering what are the best dirt bike boots for trail riding.Then I decided to research that, and now I want to share that with you…It’s not surprising that numerous rough trails riders burn through a couple of motocross boots. Being aware of the fundamentals of a good terrain riding bike […]

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Dirt Bike for Tall Riders

How to Adjust Dirt Bike For Taller Riders

In any game, you take an interest at, regardless of what it is, the gear included can come in various shapes and sizes to suit the competitor. Taller riders may have some issues when it comes to fitting in gear, bikes, etc…2Tall Racing has planned tried and produced alongside formulating a recipe to fabricate dash […]

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How to choose a Dirt Bike

How to Choose the Best Dirt Bike (tips for beginners)

Since you found this article, chances are you are dreaming about enjoying the thrill of riding across obstacles and off-road riding areas.  Aren’t you?  A dirt bike, mountains, fresh air…Perhaps you are a newbie considering to buy a dirt bike but have no idea where to start. So join the club, in this article, I […]

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