Best Motocross Movies Of All Time

Are you inspired by that hyped up feeling during extreme dirt bike riding? Going through harsh terrains and riding towards the sunset in that dirt road?  How about motocross movies... do they interest you?


Let's dive in and see what we got here....

What are the Best of the Best Motocross Movies?

These are some of the things that you need to look for in finding the best motocross movies; there are many more things that you have to consider in finding an a+ best motocross movie. These are the Practical examples of the best motocross movies.

Movie #1

This is one of the examples that has a very interesting setting Dust to Glory takes place in the famous Baja race track in Mexico; the race track itself has a dangerous reputation due to its difficult and dusty terrain. This is one of those movies that challenges every dirt bikes to push them to their limits; the movie is a documentary featuring Mike Mcoy, Robby Gordon and Chad Queen the movie also makes use realistic motocross scenes.

Movie #2

This movie was released in 1994 it has this vintage motocross bike soundtrack that was given a positive review by its viewers. The viewers could not resist to watch it all over again the plot is not boring and very entertaining the film features Jeremy McGrath, Carmichael, and Travis Pastrana. The movie also has one of those high flying scenes that get the audience injected into the world of motocross racing.

Movie #3

It's the most up to date motion picture on this rundown, and I realize I may get some flack. There are about six different motion pictures that are similarly as great, yet you must consider it regarding advancement.

It is the primary film to aggregate the "Enormous 5" in addition to 2 newcomers, including Canada's own Xtinction. It is the ONLY film on this rundown to be recorded on 3 distinct mainlands, and 7 unique nations.

In case you're thinking about purchasing this motion picture, do it. I have many reasons why this is an astounding moto motion picture, all things considered, it's probably the greatest names in rough terrain riding the debut hard enduro races.

On the off chance that you like anything about riding and dashing soil bicycles, it merits looking at it.

Movie #4

This is the first NC motion picture. It generated a progression of movies that pursued, with the most recent 3D experience to be discharged not long from now.

The principal motion picture demonstrated to us an extremely youthful Travis Pastrana, still not exactly set in his rockstar mechanized competitor status. 

We're arguing in the day when two strokes administered the earth and the awkward, bumbling motocross rider was all the while taking a shot at his moto profession.

For beginning off another pattern (the NC establishment, which has their own show and a progression of motion pictures), also TP199 brought free-form motocross into the standard. What, with his squeaky clean looks and clean-cut style even Granny likes him.

Movie #5

This was the main moto motion picture I at any point saw. I recollect such a significant number of the insights about it.

We got it at the January bicycle appear (2004); B and I had just been going out for multi-month now. It was purchased at Go Video (the video fellow; on the off chance that you've been to the Toronto bicycle appears, you know his identity).

We got back home and watched it. I asked twelve inquiries: What's the distinction somewhere in the range of 2 and 4 strokes? Who's that person?

For what reason isn't that other person (I implied Ricky) in this film? (Ricky was my top pick, not on the grounds that he was quick, that came later; we had a similar number, #4).

It's a Clutch Films creation, supported by Thor, which implies the main riders in the film are Thor riders. Jeremy McGrath toward the finish of his vocation, Chad Reed toward the start of his and Tim Ferry right smack amidst his.

The film likewise includes Ezra Lusk, Grant Langston, and Sebastien Tortelli.

I rank this motion picture high since it has some extraordinary recollections for me, but on the other hand, it's an extremely business-like film.

The rider interviews are done; every rider is given his very own section with his own topic that plays into the identity he depicts.

Movie #6

In the event that you haven't seen, I sort of like "Firsts," or on account of TGO, close firsts. CD1 set off a pattern that is currently, I accept, in its fifteenth manifestation!

Also a visiting free-form appear an attire line and in charge of propelling the professions of numerous free-form riders, as Brian Deegan, the General of the Metal Mulisha.

It has loads of in-your-face music, harder than any of alternate movies, and has that coarse edge that ruled the early free-form movies and way of life.

So we should tally it off: propelled the professions of endless freestyles, generated a voyaging FMX visit, a HUGE dress line (under Metal Mulisha) and brought forth a bigger number of spin-offs than Star Trek. No doubt, I'd state Crusty Demons of Dirt has a place on

What Should Be Considered in Looking for the Best Motocross Movie ?

Best Motocross Movies

In finding the best of the motocross movies one should definitely look into the aspects of the movie; on how and what makes it great.

First, we have to understand what to look for in finding the best motocross movie; what are the things that make a motocross movie good? And how can we know that this movie would be good?

There are many things that you need to consider first when looking for a great motocross movie sure there are tons of motocross movies out there but these are the things that you need to look out for when you try to find the best motocross movies.


The best motocross movies have originality, these movies rely on their own creativity on filming the best motocross featured in, the cast would also be definitely good and the setting exciting.

Originality is very important in a motocross movie, it is definitely very boring if a certain movie is copied from the other previous movies. If a movie copies the previous movies then it would feel like watching the same thing all over again and that is not very exciting and would be redundant. The true mark of the best motocross movie is that it has a keen sense of originality.

Good movie structure

The best motocross movie has a good movie structure. The plot of the movie is structured in a very orderly fashion that it does not feel boring and uninteresting. It also keeps the viewers’ attention by making the movie plot clear that it avoids making the viewers feeling confused. The best motocross movie also avoids the clichés of a typical movie.

Good Acting

Making a movie is art; it stems from ancient operas and public performance. Having good actors with a sense of theatricality is a must in filming the best motocross movie.

The movie set should have realistic and unedited stunts it would be a bummer if you found out that the movie stunts made by dirt bikers in the movie are actually a fad. This is why good acting and theatricality is a must in filming the best motocross movies.

The movie also only hires actors that are legit and very good at acting that it does not pollute the movie.

Best Characters

Of course in filming the best motocross movie the movie itself should have interesting characters; the boring and one-dimensional character would ruin the movie.

The characters itself should have an interesting or inspiring backstory this goes hand in hand in having a good structure a good movie structure usually has the best characters; best characters are actually complex since their personalities change from time to time.

Character Development is one that you would have to look for in the best motocross movies. And of course best characters are relatable, you need to find a good movie that has characters that you are able to relate to; as a dirt biker, you should be able to know how it feels like riding a motocross motorbike.

Interesting Setting

The best motocross movies have a different interesting setting, it is a must that a motocross movie should film in multiple locations featuring the different types of off-road scenarios. It would be very boring if the movie will only be filmed in one setting.

Good Movie Critic

The best movie should have a good movie critic; a positive review of the movie tells that you that the movie is received positively by its viewers. Avid viewers of movies know what to look for in a good movie.

The Bottom Line

In finding the best motocross movies one should consider one of the few things told to you above. A good movie motocross movie has consistency and good content. What do you think of the movies listed above? 

Do you think they are good enough? Leave your comments, suggestion. We gladly appreciate them!