Best Dirt Bike Boots (Guide to buying)

Do you want to know what's the Best Dirt Bike Boots ?

It is no secret that safety is the number one thing to think about when it comes to riding something as dangerous as a dirt bike, but I am not trying to scare you but warn you to be as safe as possible in any circumstance.


There are a few part of you body that are essential that you protect as they can be the easiest to get hurt. Your head should be the first thing you protect. Your hands and feet being the second as they are in contact with the bike. So just use your Dirt Bike Boots.

But protection can come at a cost. Too cheap and it might not be good enough material to protect you. Too expensive and you might be overpaying for your protection. But do keep in mind that there is a lot of protection that goes into dirt bikes so you can end in one piece.

Weather you are taking it out for a spin, or going on long rides, always wear at least boots and a helmet. There are a lot more safety items you can year, like goggles, gloves and body guards.

The key thing is that you are aware that you should be safe at all times so you can enjoy dirt biking without ending up in the hospital. So have fun, but have safe fun. And know what gear to pack.


The levels I will break this down to are the following:

  • Rookie
  • Intermediate
  • Experienced
  • Pro


You know that saying ..."You can't put a price on safety." Well, today safety does have a price. And it can range from $200 to $500. It might sound like a bit too much for boots but bare with me.

First off, boots can be a bit on the pricey side and they can wear off and get damaged. Meaning you will have to replace them eventually, but if you find a good boot at a good price, you get the best of both worlds.

Secondly, you will want to head to a store and try them on. See if you are comfortable with them and make sure that they fit you well. Ordering online might take a bit of time to find the right match as you have to order and then send it back. A visual and feel to your boots is a definitive plus.

Also keep in mind that the amount of time you ride your bike will affect what type of boots you should get, its price and how fast they will wear down. But over all, your boots are your protection and no one said dirt biking is cheap.

However, just because a pair of boots might be expensive, that does not mean that you should go find one in a resale website as they might be damaged, and have been used. So, just pay a little extra to have your own stuff and be safe.

Where to buy?

There are various websites to buy your boots such as Amazon. However, if you do not feel comfortable ordering your boots online, you can always go to a store.


Dirt biking is not cheap, especially right after you buy the bike and all the equipment, but rookies tend to ride less, and therefore have cheaper boots in the market available to them.

However, even if you are not a rookie, you can still use these boots for weekend rides if you are not into much competition. But if you constantly ride, you will shred these boots to pieces.

But not all boots are expensive, and in this category we will have the cheapest boots as rookies do not ride as much as pros will. Therefore, they do not need such high level boots as high level boots will hold on longer.

Let's start off with the best 3 rookie boots under $200.

1. Thor Blitz

Thor Blitz

Personal taste can play a big role in whether you like a boot or not. The Blitz is quite stiff, and a  budget friendly bike. But it is crucial that you head on to a store to find your boor size and feel if it is the right boot for you.

These boots pack quite a punch, or should I say kick...especially for its price range. It includes a list a mile long of materials it is equipped with, making your life way easier. It is also black with can match with anything else you buy.


  • Flexible
  • Stiffer than other dirt bike boots
  • Robust molded sections
  • 3 adjustable straps to buckle
  • Good comfort level
  • Mesh liner
  • Need to get used to them
  • Fully synthetic heat shield
  • Recessed stitching
  • Good for people with physical injuries
  • Replaceable metal toe guard
  • Pre-moulded sections for shins and ankles
  • Tough sole

Know that...

A stiffer dirt bike boot can be better in the long run as they are more protective and will not wear off too fast. They are great as they will not wear off too quickly, but can be uncomfortable at first, specially to a newbie.

Mesh liner can be a win or a lose is a breathable material which takes up the interior lining in this boot. But may cause a water problem if you want to ride in weather or wet roads or trails.

That is mainly because a mesh liner will allow water to come in, meaning they will not quite suit a rider that likes riding through weather, and is most likely to fit a newbie that takes short, dry rides.

As for the sole, apart from being tough, they added in a steal plate in the sole for extra protection. For the price of this boot it cannot get any better. It is fully equipped and even features a replaceable boot if you want to get a longer life out of it for a little extra cash.

With its fully synthetic heat shield, it keeps you cool even if you are in contact with a part of the bike that might get extremely hot. Giving you peace of mind, and safety at all times. For this price and all the color choices it offers you are sure to get a good boot.

With four color schemes, great protection and a low price for all that you are getting this is a triple win. You cannot go wrong with this boot, especially if you are a newbie. With short, dry rides this boot will last!

2. Wulfsport Trackstar

Wulfsport Trackstar Boots

For an entry level the Wulfsport is a great way to go as it has all your basic needs covered. Wulfsport says that the Trackstar model is one of the best values of boots out there. And I am here to back that up..

But remember that price is not always the top thing you need to consider. Just like when you buy anything else one of the main things that win over price is the level com comfort that it brings you. For example, you would not want to buy a car with metal seats and no cushions.

When moving the pegs, or even changing gears you need to have a flexible movement, and that will come from whether or not your boot allows you to move in that certain way. And that is very crucial especially since it can cause you to spin out if you don't slow down on time.

Apart from being dangerous, without the free movement of your feet you will most likely feel soreness and pain in your foot and ankle. Which is not what you are paying for. So, try it on...walk around. See if your foot can move freely and it does not feel uncomfortable.

The Trackstar has a flexible sole allowing you to move freely and naturally, which is always a plus. But because the sport can be quite dangerous, the most crucial thing to keep in mind is the safety that the boot will give you, along with all your other equipment.


  • Nylon and polyester lining
  • Suede heat shield
  • Adjustable and removable plastic straps
  • Micro injection shin guard
  • Two designs to pick from (Black or white)
  • Ankle protection
  • Sizes from 39-48
  • Made to withstand tough conditions

Know that...

The main point of a shin guard it to protect the front of your leg as it can come into contact with various things, such as trees, branches, bushes and much more that can hurt you if not protected.

Another great point that the Trackstar brings is its adjustable straps that can be replaced if broken. Meaning you will not have to buy a whole new boot but just replace the broken piece and you are good to go!

3. Fly MX Maverik

Dirt Bike Boots Fly MX Maverik

This boot has all the right check marks for a newbie rider, or a great replacement boot for someone trying to explore new brands. Starting off with comfort, which the Maverik boot has focused thoroughly on, especially for people who like riding off-road.

Some say that when brand new it can be quite stiff, but once worn they will be flexible and allow a more natural walk. Definitively something to consider if you are going to get off your bike and walk around.


  • Articulated ankle
  • Elasticated gaiter
  • Adjustable buckles that lock quickly
  • Inside lining
  • Stitched on soles
  • Long riding period of time
  • Metal toe guard
  • Recessed stitching
  • Heat guard
  • Flex panels

Know that...

The articulated ankle is a great addition especially to a boot at this price. It increases the motion that the rider has for gear changes, therefore, the rider is not working against the stiffness of the boot. It also gives great support to your ankles, which is always a good quality to have.

The elasticated gaiter wraps around the calf and also keeps out any debris that might fly around keeping the inside of your boot clean. Apart from that, we also have the inside lining which is well padded bringing you comfort.

For a boot at this price it sure  comes with a lot of good quality materials and protection. The heat guard is very protective as it runs to the top of your leg, giving you a nice cool ride. It also has a great grip keeping the boots attached to your feet at all times.

The toe area is protected by a metal toe guard and flex panels all around increases the boots flexibility giving the rider freedom to move. The soles of the boot being stitched in means they will last longer and can be replaced for a longer life.

Additional info

The straps also deserve to be talked about. They have a memory locking system. Once you found the perfect settings for the straps you can forget about adjusting them every time, and can go straight to just snapping them shut.

It brings a lot to the table if you think about its price. It is a definite good boot to go for and look into specially for rookies who are just starting off. But remember that safety is key. So, go out there and explore, and always come back to this post when you leveled up, so you can get a boot that fits you.


Moving on to our intermediate riders, or those experienced rookies...

As the levels get higher, so do the comfort level as the more advanced  you are the more time you are gonna spend riding. In this category the boots we are going to look at all fall under $300.

Starting us off, we have a boot that should be in the rookie section for its price, but made it to the intermediate section for its target of more experienced riders. Therefore, it will be in this list and not the one above.

1. Fox Comp Motocross Boots

Fox Comp Dirt Bike Boots

Let's start off by talking about price! For a good quality boot , hanging with the big boys and for the price range it is in, this one blows it our of the park. So, here are some things this boot brings on that is sure to impress you.


  • Interlacing system
  • Maneuverability around the shin area
  • Durable rubber
  • Synthetic leather material
  • Large shin plate
  • Heat shield
  • Toe cap
  • Range of designs
  • Calf guard

Know that...

Fox is one of the top sellers, as various famous riders wear their brand. With a top level product, you would think the price would reflect on them. But they are very affordable for anyone looking for top quality level boots that are sure to rock your world.

The company has come out to say that the parts that are touching the inside of the leg have full heat shields made from  tough synthetic pads, to protect the inside of the leg from burning when coming in contact with the bike.

This boot can also be a great transition boot from rookie to experienced. Or even worn as a rookie. 

Additional info

Like anything in this world, the boot has its ups and downs. One of them being that it is not waterproof. So for anyone that likes riding when it is wet, then this boot might now fit you quite well.

Another down is that the sole is totally molded, therefore, cannot be removed and exchanged for a new one.Which can be quite a big problem when it comes to some people that wear off the soles and want a longer life for their boot.

This boot can be a deal breaker for some people, while for others it is perfect. But it all depends on you and what you are looking for. Though it is no surprise that this boot is great for any intermediate rider.

2. Fly FR 5 Intermediate Motocross Boots

Fly Racing FR5 Dirt Bike Boots

The company that designed this particular boot went all out to hear what their riders wanted and needed. They wanted to meet the needs of the riders instead of just guessing what it is they actually need.


  • Dual hinge ankle system
  • Absorbs shocks
  • Molded sole
  • Aluminium buckles
  • Soft lining material
  • Steal plate in soles
  • Deep heel impact zone
  • Range of colors

Know that...

The dual hinge system is usually found in more experienced or pro level type of boots. This system dramatically increases the way your foot can move when changing gears, and even braking. Making it a gift for all the intermediate people that want a look into their futures as pros.

When vertical pressure is applied, the rigidity of the boot is not affected as it has a hinge system. This is most important when landing after jumps or tricks. Dual hinge can also be helpful as it helps extend the life expectancy of the boot.

The steel plate in the sole help increase the rigidity of the boot, eliminating unwanted foot pegs. Motocross foot pegs can sometimes be aggressively sharp, which can cause the rider strong discomfort and even soreness.

A good thing about molded soles is that your foot sits deeper into the boot, unlike a stitched on sole. The outer sole on this model is also durable and will last you for a while. With the molded sole and thinner toe box, the foot rests comfortably under the gear shifter, making gear changes that much better.

Additional info

With the extra flexibility, thanks to the dual hinge, the company added in a lot more plastic to the rear of the boot, causing no negative effect on the amazing performance you will get with this boot.

The heat guards are more than enough as they cover two-thirds of the inner leg, definitively protecting you from any burning that can occur due to the motor being very hot or the metal overheating.

The boot buckles on the FR5 are a great upgrade and addition to the team. In this boot it will be easy to race and move up levels in your skills. It provides safety and comfort, which are two things that go hand in hand. Apart from the great pricing that is so low it does not even make it to the $200 mark. This boot is an amazing winner in so many ways.

3. Gaerne GX1 Dirt Bike Boots

Gaerne GX1 Dirt Bike Boots

Last on the intermediate section of the list, we have the GX1. This boot is an example of what too look for when you are out shopping. Gaerne is an Italian company with a great reputation when it comes to making boots.


  • Quality leather
  • Elastic gaiter
  • Replaceable insole
  • Velcro tabs
  • 4 adjustable and replaceable aluminium buckles
  • Oil and gasoline resistant
  • Replaceable metal toe caps
  • Molded plastic sections
  • Adjustable calf width
  • Stitched sole with steal core
  • Heat guard
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Five designs to pick from

Know that...

The GX1 hits both fields of comfort and protection simultaneously. But there are some points you do have to keep in mind, such as the fact that this boot is not water proof. Though it might look stunning on the outside they had to save money somewhere, as it is a cheep boot for such a high level of quality. 

The inside of the shoe is mainly where they have less quality, but not all riders mind. So if it bothers you or not that is up to you. Just make sure you properly try the boots on and see if they fir your needs.

Many riders think leather is a very hard material, therefore, it will be hard to settle it in. However, they are mistaken as leather when broken in gives you an almost perfect fit. The quality of the leather remains the same from the Pro line down to the intermediate, giving you the same material.

Additional info

The elastic gaiter at the top safely secures the boot to you, meanwhile keeping debris from flying in. Along with the stitched sole which will make the boot last longer, since they can simply be replaced.

Molded plastic sections equipped in the boot protect the ankle, toe, and shin. Giving you an all around protection. The heat protection is made up of suede grip guard. Which protects your skin if it comes to contact with any hot metal parts of the bike.

They thought so much about the needs of the customer that they designed a buckle system that can be used with or without gloves. Making it easy for any rider to strap in their boots with little to no effort whatsoever. 

The GX1 is very lightweight, only 4 pounds. Which is hard to see. With five designs to pick from there is no complaining about this bike. It is absolutely not worth it to turn your back on this boot simply because it is not waterproof as everything else is extremely worth it if you think about the price you are paying for such a high level quality product.


This will be the level where you take your bike out a lot. Usually you will learn how to jump, and do some tricks with your bike. You will also enjoy longer rides and experiment with a lot of different terrain.

These will feature the bikes under the $450 mark. To some people it might come off as expensive but it is just based on the level of riding you are in. In my opinion it is way better to buy one good lasting boot as you ride so much rather than buying four rookie boots that will not last you as much and will cost you the same.

Don't think about it as a boot, but as an investment, not only for your safety. You pay for what you get. So, when you put in a little more, especially knowing that you will use it constantly, then you made a good investment.

What do they provide?

These boots provide comfort and safety in order to keep you out of danger though not gripping to your foot. They use high quality materials and give you what you pay for, which is a good looking, feeling and genuinely protective boot.

High quality bikes use  high quality materials, lightweight materials and strong safety features. These are the kinds of things you need in your bike when you are a constant rider. Not only should you look for safety and comfort.

Durability is another thing to add on to the list of qualities you should look for in a bike. At this price range you will find a lot of good qualities in every bike. You cannot go wrong with a experienced bike as they have been thoroughly tested and modified to fit your needs, it just all comes down to preference.

1. AlpineStars Tech 7

Alpinestars Tech 7 Boots

No doubt in mind, these boots are one of the highest ranking boots you could get. Though it fell on the experienced list, the AlpineStars is worn by professionals who ride for a living. Thinking of that does not make it seem so expensive, does it?

Whether you are shredding on the tracks or on the trails, this boot has got you covered. When you picked them up you can already tell they come with a ton of detailed work, and thoroughly thought out features that the company really focused on.


  • A thoroughly padded inner lining
  • Microfiber gaiter
  • Ankle hinge
  • Velcro closure system
  • Dual hinge system
  • Shin plate
  • Heat guard
  • High design and quality level
  • Low toe profile

Know that...

The inner lining clearly gives you comfort, and support. But it also has a layer of microfiber gaiter, which is used to keep out water, mud, etc. If riding through weather is your style then you are literally in for a ride.

These boots are ready to go straight out of packaging; you do not need to break them in! They are perfect to buy and already try out, honestly this is a great plus on the AlpineStars.

Its older brother, the AlpineStar tech 10 has an inner bootie, giving you a tighter fit. However, the 7 does not. Therefore, has a wider fit. This is particularly great for riders who like wearing thick protective socks or for anyone with a wider foot.

The low toe profile helps in shifting the foot, therefore, letting you hit the right gear with no problems whatsoever. The four straps stay close to the boot, giving it less chances to get caught on something and protects you from the straps opening if you fall.

The system is also quite simple when you are buckling it or getting out of the boots using gloves. The buckles are tough and replaceable, which makes your life easier if one does break. 

The twin blades that come in the boot in either side of the leg is very protective. This system gives you shock absorption making it perfect for riders who like jumps and flips as the landing will be smooth with the AlpineStars.

The heat guard keeps your leg nice and cool, and its sole can be switched by an Alpine specialist who will make your boot last for a while. Apart from being one of the best price point boots for what is worth, the number of colors and designs are insane. 

2. Fox Comp R Motocross Boots

Fox Comp R Motocross Boots

With breath taking designs and jaw-dropping prices, you will love the Comp R. You can race confidently in a boot that is not as expensive as you would think. These boots are more targeted to racers with limited budgets who are looking for a good deal.

Companies like Fox have years and years of experience when it comes to selling, and producing their products. Especially since they have boots for professional riders. They only sell the best and comfort is a top priority for them.

They have all the protection you need with few break in time, making it almost race ready out the box. The Comp R is definitively one of the most comfortable boots, due to the work they put in to make it pleasant for the rider.

Its fit is snug, even if you have a wider foot. The inside is nicely padded and protected, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. There is much more that this boot brings to the table. Let's take a look...


  • Adjustable silicone straps
  • Toe box
  • Heat resistant
  • Shock absorbent soles
  • Ankle protection
  • Big resistant soles

Know that...

The adjustable straps will make your comfort level higher, as they allow you to have a more natural movement. The toe box is spacious, and they do not seem to have a foot lift whatsoever.

There is a lot of protection around the toe, heel and shin. Definitively keeping you safe in any race. The heat guard covers a large area keeping you from burning your inner legs. The side of the inner leg is also said to be very flat.

The soles are molded Duratech material and are shock absorbent, which can be great for jumps. The soles are big and resistant, however, I see no way in which you can switch the soles only, so that might be a deal breaker for some people.

Not being able to replace the soles after they wear out, means you will need to buy a new pair of boots. So weight that out on your scale and see if this boot works for you. It might be a deal breaker for some, but the quality of other things may convince others.

A cup system keeps the ankles safe as they have compression built right in. This protection keep the rider from having any ankle injuries, and its a very simple way to do it too. So this boot might be for you.

Overall, you can certainly be sure you are getting a good boot for a low price point. This is perfect for anyone with a tight budget that wants to get a good product, especially since they will not give up all the safety involved in protecting their feet.

They might have a simple design, and features not as complex as other fancy boots. But they are sure to keep you safe and comfortable , impress you, and perform extremely well!

3. Gaerne SG 10 Dirt Bike Boots

Gaerne SG 10 Boots

The Italian brand, Gaerne, is mentioned once again in this post as they have high lever qualities products at affordable prices.

The bike can be a bit stiff from all the materials it is made out of, but it only needs some time to break in and you will notice the quality of the product you got.

Here is what you get by going with Gaerne:


  • Double stitched soles
  • Full grain leather
  • Microfiber gaiter
  • Velcro closing
  • Memory foam inner lining
  • Ankle pad
  • Heel impact protection
  • Ankle hinge
  • Shock absorption
  • Replaceable aluminium buckles
  • Razorback system

Know that...

The soles and leather may take a bit of time to break in, but it will give you a very personalized boot, and a high comfort level.

The Velcro keeps your personal fit perfect, and the secret to the comfort of this boot is its ankle pad and memory foam inner lining which are certainly going to keep your feet comfortable.

If you have ever had another boot that was lined with memory foam , you understand how snug and comfortable the inner boot is.

Its fit is slightly narrow, making this boot distinctive from other boots. With a stiff sole it should last a long time.

The safety features are a definite plus when it comes to this quality level. First, we got a bio-mechanical system that has ankles hinges. This gives you shock absorbency, rigidity and flexibility.

This system also reduces the lateral movement,  which prevents hyper flex. Secondly, the razorback system is an addition to an already incredible product.

The razorback has a floating device. In which there is a plastic exoskeleton shell that is separated from the main boot.

The heel impact protection is all thanks to the tough plastic heel cup. Which gives you the ability to change into first gear using your heel meanwhile lifting your leg from the floor, pretty useful.

Additional info

The soles are a very interesting part of the boot I have to touch on. They are double stitched, however, they have a dual compound sole.

That means that the front and heel part of the boot will have a harder sole, but the foot peg zone will have a softer sole that should keep you more comfortable while riding.

The aluminium buckles being replaceable gives you an advantage of not having to but another boot if they break. This boot truly hast it all. Gaerne trully thought about everything.

With your comfort in mind they truly came up with boots that made it twice into this post! They are the top of the top. And let's not forget the amazing design!


If you had to scroll down through all that, you truly are here to look for the best of the best when it comes to your boots.

Keep in mind, that this section is going have the best of the best boots, however, their price will be higher too. We are going to be looking at boots in the $500+ mark.

You can be a Pro, and ride with Rookie boots, however, Pros are definitely going to ride way more than a a Rookie. Therefore, the boot will wear off faster.

So, if you are a Pro, I suggest investing a bit more money into your equipment, Especially since you will ride more and possibly need more protection as you may compete.

Without further ado, let;'s get into the top Pro boots that you are absolutely going to rock your world!

1. Alpinestars Tech 10 Best Motocross Boots

Alpinestars Tech 10

Alpinestars made it once again into the post ! Can we just agree that this brand is a great quality and has features that are worth the investment.

The tech 10 definitively has some amazing features we need to get into, so here is the list of what you are  getting if you go with Alpinestars. 


  • Redesign in the boot
  • Increased flexibility
  • Dual hinge impact system
  • Blade system
  • Toe box
  • Heat guard
  • Dual compact impact soles
  • Strong, slim straps

Know that...

These features allow this boot to be multi terrain, meaning if you like riding in different places these boots got you covered.

A floor up redesign in the boot has increased the comfort level, while still keeping the support that Alpinestar riders know and love deeply.

The old tech 10 was renewed, so make sure you search for the new model as it is what we are talking about in this post.

Since the old model was known to be stiff, they remade it to be one of the most comfortable boots known.

They also focused in making this boot lightweight, and let's just say, goal achieved. It now weights only 4 pounds!

The newer model is also shorter and more flexible, also having smaller hinges. But the hinges now gives more flexibility to the outer shell.

The dual hinge impact system works with the blade system which is located at the rear of the boot,  giving you more flexibility and rigidity.

The biggest drawbacks from the old model are long gone in this new model, which was incredibly thought out.

This model can now take a lot more damage and now there are multiple layers that encase your foot, keeping you extra safe.

A toe box with new designs helps out when it comes to smoothly changing the gears, which might come in handy.

The old model used leather as the heat guard, which wore off very fast, now the newer model was replaced with longer lasting panels and rubber grips.

Additional info

Another thing worth mentioning is the dual compound impact soles. These are perfect for extreme riders that like racing.

The soles should interest riders who like landing big jumps, as the heel is the main shock absorbent part of the boot.

This helps when landing jumps because it minimizes the pressure you feel as it absorbs the shock. The sole being replaceable is always a plus.

However, remember that its not a DIY project to be done at home. Take it to a shop so you can keep your boots for a longer time.

Last but not least, we have the aluminium straps that are indeed replaceable, and  not only are they easy to use, but they are also a great strap for this design.

This was the Alpinestars Tech 10 Best Motocross Boots, which are quite the investment but they are sure to keep a Pro happy!

2. TCX COMP EVO 2 – Michelin


The brand TCX made it once again into the list. The fist time it made it to the list it was a low price boot that people with a low budget can get.

At this price point you will find anything and everything you will never need a boot to have, with of course the best protection and comfort level. So let's see what this boot brings on...


  • Synthetic leather boot
  • Plastic armor
  • Double density foam cushion
  • Adjustable shin plate
  • Heat guard
  • Heel reinforcement
  • Two point Velcro losing system
  • 4 adjustable aluminium buckles
  • Top gaiter
  • Steel toe box
  • Plastic molding wraps
  • High resistance microfiber
  • Breathable fabric
  • Sole featuring tire tech

Know that...

The plastic armor has too points in which it covers. The first one is the upper leg, the second one covers the ankle area.

The connection between both the plastic armors is done by TCX Double Flex, being a recent addition to the boot compared to older models.

This new addition gives the boot  sleeker look and feel, as well as less pieces that could potentially break during races or riding overall.

The double density foam cushion keeps your ankle and foot in place. It is truly a simple design, however, it also helps the boot be lightweight. Win-win!

The gaiter at the top helps with comfort and protection as it assists the boot in staying up. The Velcro is also a good add on.

The two point Velcro system, helps keeps  the mud and dirt out. While letting your leg to breathe thanks to the breathable liner.

Safety in this boot is definitively worth its price point. However, there are a few that really stand out and should be mentioned.

Additional info

Let's start with the soles. First, they have various  grip patterns, they also include dual compounds and rain displacement.

Apart from that, a molded sole also gives the rider more flexibility which is always a good thing to have no matter what category you fall under.

The reinforced steel toe box is wrapper in the plastic molding container which contain shifting panels, making moving around more comfortable.

The elevated molding helps the lower and 2nd buckle hold the boot in place. hat prevents the boot from snagging or moving too much.

With this boot you can expect protection from hyper-extension while allowing you to have free lateral movements.

One of the best things about this boot is the fact that the top part of the armor is completely replaceable. Which is very handy, especially if the top gets damaged and you do not want to but a new boot.

This also means that the shin guard can removed and replaced if necessary. You can also adjust for calf sizes, making it really personal to you.

Apart from all of that the four buckles are all replaceable and made of aluminium, so they will last a long time.

The heat guard is located in 3 parts of the boot in the inner leg area. They aren't the best heat guard in the list, but get the job done done. That is where preference comes in.

Lastly, there are multiple designs to choose from. Some of them are very colorful and a bit crazy, but that is up to you.

The TCX is definitively a good choice to make, it will keep you comfortable and  safe. So before you click on purchase, there is one last boot you might want to consider.

3. Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS Bike Boots

Sidi Crossfire 3 Dirt Bike Boots

We made it to the last boot in the post! Now, just because the Sidi is the last in the list it does not mean it isn't as good as the other boots.

So, by now you already know we are going to start off with the list of features the Sidi has to offer:


  • Plastic reinforced toe 
  • Shock resistant heel cup
  • Replaceable shin plates
  • Micro adjustable and replaceable buckles
  • Nylon inner sole
  • Adjustable calf 
  • Flex system
  • Removable inner sole arch pad

Know that...

Unlike the older Crossfire 2 model, the Crossfire 3 has some new features that are sure to catch your attention.

If you didn't know SRS stands for sole replacement system. Which shows you what this company is all about.

This boot can be totally deconstructed and taken apart as it is build by screws. Pretty cool if you are into taking things apart and putting them back.

Even if you do not like destroying and building things, I think you will be happy to know that for the price you pay the whole boot can be replaceable.

The boot is made from synthetic leather, it also has double Italian stitching. And its covered by an armor.

But with so many parts to it, it means it will take a bit longer for you to put it on and adjust it to fit just right on your foot.

Once you fix it to fit your foot, you will only have to deal with the four main buckles that rundown the boot, making it easier.

They aren't the lightest boots but that are not that heavy either. They weight 5 pounds, which is better when you are wearing it.

The crossfire 3 is also wider and stiffer than other boots in this class. However, comfort levels are still high.

The inside of the boot has a microfiber that absorbs moisture, keeping you dry. The gaiter keeps any dirt from coming into the boot which is another great thing about this boot.

However, they are not for walking. Both the toe and heel area are made from very hard plastic which can be very slippery when trying to walk. But they get the job done once you are on the bike.

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There is also the fact that these boot are very DIY friendly as you do not need to take them to someone. You can replace things yourself!

Safety is absolutely no issue...every single part of the exoskeleton is replaceable! Could it possibly get better than this?

Of course it can. There boots also come with multiple kick plates, and all the plastic guards you can possibly imagine. You are sure going to feel protected.

The boot also has ankle and heel protection. As well as a dual hinge system, which gives you hyper extension.

The heel cup is attached to the the multi layer front, with raised moldings and even encases the lowest two buckles.

Overall, this boot is stiffer and wider then others in this category. But the way the company allows you to change and replace any damaged or old part.

This is one of the boots that are worth the complete investment and are here to stay. And as you go on you can replace what you need!


This was it for our list! Whether you are a Pro or a Rookie, there is a perfect boot out there for you. All you need to do is find it!

Remember that there is a lot more brands, colors, materials, and sizes out there, just find your perfect fit and hope you come back as you level up!

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