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Best Dirt Bike Boots For Trail Riding

Some time ago I was wondering what are the best dirt bike boots for trail riding.

Then I decided to research that, and now I want to share that with you...

Trail boots

It's not surprising that numerous rough trails riders burn through a couple of motocross boots. Being aware of the fundamentals of a good terrain riding bike can be helpful. There are certain components that separates the best boots for motocross and rough trail riding.

Take the sole into consideration

It's all in the sole!!

Top notch motocross boots will frequently have a smooth sole that works best on race tracks. This is where a rider may burn through the boot as you might have to slide your sole on the ground while riding or curving.

These motocross boots will closely protect you from injuries such as a broken or sprained ankle. This is mainly to lower the chances of leg wounds that could happen.  This can also help you slow down the bike manually.

The best dirt bike boots for rough trail riding will have soles that can endure some impact. However, they should also give the rider adaptability in the calf and lower leg to aid with riding.

Trail riding  bike

Their outsoles will normally have a waffle-style print to grip on to the pedals easily, giving the riders stability when riding though rocks, dirt, and gravel on rough trails.

We selected five models of the best dirt bike boots for endurance of rough terrain riding.

A large number of these models are usually offered by brands that make dirt bikes. Giving you more peace of mind if you already know and trust your chosen brand.

Trusted brands are usually far better for rough terrain and trail riding. This is because they are equipped with the correct soles for gripping as the ride might be a bit bouncy. The best part is that these boots won't cost you an arm and, well, a leg 😉

Trail Riding Boots; What to look for

Upper material

Calfskin boots will, in general, be durable and breath better. They'll keep going, almost everlastingly! As long as you take good care of them. Cowhide material is also a great choice as it is long lasting too. You'll frequently see calfskin cushion on the upper-part of the boots.

Though synthetics can be light, breezy, and strong. They don't give off as much support as cowhide and calfskin boots. Therefore, synthetics are usually more disposable and do not last as long.

Keep in mind that cowhide and calfskin boots are a bit more expensive as they are a long-term investment. And sometimes it is worth it paying the price for quality instead of continually buying replacements.


The basic role of dirt bike boots is to protect to your feet and legs. Search for boots with a tough toe box, hard shin shields, and legitimate cushioning around your lower legs to avoid burns and sprains.

Top 5 Boots For Trail Riding

Trail Riding Boot #1

Fox Racing says that its Instinct Off-Road boot is a title-winning boot! Even Taddy Blazusiak has used them to shred the tracks. 

Fox Racing Instinct Dirt Bike Trail Boots

Ol' Taddy's recommendations confirm that the Instinct Off-Road boot can be used for both strolling and riding. Beginning at the base, the boot includes Fox's selective Duratec elastic compound with a vast, open drag design on the sole for better footing when the rider is navigating rocky terrains.

The toe box gives additional security without preventing movement and Fox's patent-pending clasp framework offers simple and quick removal and makes it a breeze to slip in.

This boot has very high reviews, as it is a reliable company and can be trusted. Additionally, it is comfortable, while still allowing you to firmly grip and move around. That is a winner if we ever saw one!

Trail Riding Boot #2

One of two Alpinestars boots on our short rundown is the Tech 3. It is advertised to be perfect for learners, though pros want them too! Nevertheless, this will be an investment for a long time. But it is definitely worth it due to its quality.

Alpinestars Tech 3 Enduro Trail Boots

With a TPU shin plate, fortified cowhide plates and good designs, the Tech 3 gives assurance that surpasses its rivals. Its cushioning ensures a protected lower leg, while cowhide and front accordion boards make it a low break-in time kind of boot.

As with all of Alpinestars motocross boots, the Tech 3 is CE confirmed and includes replaceable soles and clasps. Its soles are high-grasp and elastic, with molded steel for extra protection. An all-inclusive gaiter at of the Tech 3 likewise keeps water away too.

Trail Riding Boot #3

Thor's Blitz boot is the least evaluated model on our best dirt bicycle boots for rough trail riding. However, it does not mean it is weak!

Thor Blitz Dirt Bike Trail Boots

The Thor Blitz has plenty to offer. With lots of coordinated security that incorporates a pre-bended infusion shaped shin plate, a huge manufactured warmth shield, and endurance that is built in.

Blitz offers features such as a safe three-clasp system, dampness liner and an adaptable, yet grippy sole with a steel shank embed.

Trail Riding Boot #4

The Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS is an ideal boot. Apart from having a clean and attractive design, it was once viewed as first class for the Italian producer. The boot has been such a prevalent vender, to the point that Sidi can't see suspending it.

Sidi CrossFire Dirt Bike Trail Boots

That is uplifting news for rough trail riders, as the Crossfire 2 SRS' effortlessly replaceable soles can be swapped for the organization's E1 Enduro sole or even its Supermoto sole. Believe us, you won't know which sole to try first!

Technomicro is utilized as the base material in all regions, and includes a calf plate framework with an internal twofold alteration that grows to fit even the biggest calf.

The insoles are made of nylon rather than what Sidi calls an "unsafe steel shank," and an inflexible, stun safe, an anatomically molded rear area is intended to hold the rider's foot firm.

Trail Riding Boot #5

The Alpinestars made it to this list twice as they are known for being an affordable, yet reliable brand. The MX soles simply don't work in the rough conditions, so they made the Tech 7 Enduro Boot to address the necessities rough terrain riders.

Alpinestars Enduro boots

The engineers planned an extraordinary sole to give dirt bike riders superb solidness, grasp, and feel. While still keeping  mobility, and flexibility to the boot. Not only keeping riders safe and less prone to lower leg damage, but still granting them one heck of a ride!

Over the updated sole is a boot with every one of the features that make the Tech 7 extraordinary, for example, a biomechanical rotate for lower leg assurance.

The Tech 7 frame has been intended to give an amazing feel and advanced protection while still being able to control the bike. The clasp framework allows riders to slip it in and remove the book quite easily.

The upper material is fortified with PU for abnormal amounts of water-obstruction and strength and enhanced weight-sparing execution.

Some Extra Thoughts

As you're endeavoring to choose which match of boots is the best for you, the appropriate response will come down to two factors—the material you like best, and your financial status.

In case you're searching for premium-quality cowhide boots, run with the Forma boots and you can even gloat a little.  After all you are wearing the Ferrari of riding boots!

If you want calfskin, yet don't agree with the sticker price of the Forma boots, the Gaerne boots are a decent cowhide alternative.

Lastly, if you are alright with a manufactured, synthetic material, I wholeheartedly suggest the Alpinestars for as they will protect, endure and are strong.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours! Pick your investment wisely!