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Best Beginner Dirt Bike For A Teenager

The breeze, the adrenaline, the ride. But with fun comes safety and responsibility. So what are the best beginner dirt bikes for a teenager ?

Motocross is something that gets a lot of attention since Travis Pastrana was a boy. And as he rode with style so should your teen.

Adventure motorcycle

What is a Dirt Bike?

Mechanized bicycles, that is what dirt bikes are. In other words, they are intended to be ridden on dirt trail tracks rather than on boulevards. Consequently known by their bumpy tires.

There are four main types of dirt bikes:

1. Trail
2. Motocross
3. Dual Purpose
4. Mini

The best dirt bike for your teenager rider relies on how they plan to use the bike. Trail bikes are for trails or sandy zones like shorelines or deserts. Therefore, these bikes are not planned for road, or clean pavement. That is to say, it is all about the bumps!

Motocross bikes are intended for the rivalry on motocross tracks. The racing, competing and practicing. Competition tracks are somewhat cleared, therefore, not that bumpy. Nevertheless, the tires are not as bumpy as other dirt bikes.

The double purpose bikes are intended to be ridden on both trails and pavement. Like in the name, they have two purposes and can be a great transition learning tool to go from trails to road quick! They usually have horns and lights to be street legal.

Minibikes are lighter type of dirt bike that are designed for younger, transitioning teens (10-12 year old riders) and have motors running from 2 to 8 torque.

Best beginner dirt bikes for teenagers



The AJP is a brand in Portugal set to offer entirely moderate trail bike to America. In addition, model PR4 is a 233cc air-cooled four-stroke bike that has electric begin and Marzocchi/Sachs suspension. 

Moreover, its dry weight is said to be around 229 pounds. Similarly, PR3 is comparable, but offers a lower situate stature for amateurs and short riders. In short, tts cost is $4995 for the PR4 and $4790 for the PR3.


CRF 230

Firstly, the Honda's teenager trail bike got a noteworthy facelift! For example, its styling and bodywork looks simply like the CRF motocross bike, yet the 230 is gone for the outdoors/trail-riding swarm. In addition it has electric start, and a manual-grasp, and air-cooled engine.

The 230 is the ideal family bike that won't really be outgrown, and costs around $4199 .


Honda CRF 150

There are two CRF150s in Honda's teenager dirt bike division. "F" stands for the "Family"model, and should not be mistaken for the "R" (Race) model. It also has electric start, air-cooled engine and drum raise brake. 

Additionally, it has a manual grip and a five-speed gearbox. This year the "F" landed a position in one of the best teenager bikes and comes in at $3699. 



Above all, this is a machine that compromises among scaled down and full-sized cruiser. However, the wheels are a similar size of those in the full-scale WR line, and the seat tallness is a couple of inches lower making it perfect for teenagers.

Moreover, it also includes a manual grip, six-speed gearbox, and an electric starter. The Yamaha has an air-cooled motor with an ordinary carburetor and is in the market for $3990.


kawasaki klx 140

The Kawasaki has the cleanest design in this teenager level. With somewhat more execution than the 125 four-strokes from Suzuki and Yamaha. Most importantly, the KLX has a 144cc air-cooled engine with a five-speed gearbox and a manual grip. 

The bike also has pressure driven circles at the two finishes and a border outline. Model KLX140L is priced at $3399, and the KLX140 at $3099.


Honda 125 Big Wheel

The 125 was new a year ago and has electric start and a four-speed manual gearbox. Above all, Honda is not only a reliable, but very well rated company. The brand charges $3399 for the 125F and $3099 for the CRF125F.


Yamaha TT R125LE

The Yamaha was way out front with the TT-R125. Most importantly, giving it electric start a long time before it was trendy. Presently it remains the standard of the class. In addition, this model make it into the huge wheel class appropriate for teenagers. 

The engine is an air-cooled two-valve with a five-speed gearbox and a manual grasp. Its cost comes in at roughly $3490.


Suzuki DR Z125L

The Suzuki has had its DR-Z125 in the line for quite a while, however, it got a facelift two years back and now has an extremely trendy look. In other words, it has a front plate brake and a five-speed gearbox with a manual grasp. This particular model is priced at $3199.


Honda CRF 110

The Honda has a the biggest number of bikes in the teenager league, certainly winning any other brand. Model CRF110F weighs around 163 pounds loaded with gas and has a 26.3-inch tallness to it. That is to say, it is simple for an 80-pound child to deal with.

With an engine that has a four-speed gearbox with a programmed grasp. Moreover, the electric starter is the component that makes it extremely appealing for tenderfoots. And it comes in at around $2099.

The Bottom Line

Motocross and dirt bike riding is, without a doubt, one of the coolest types of sports out there. In addition to an amazing sport, you certainly get an adrenaline surge like no other. Similarly, the feeling of propelling through the air, and flying add on.

Maybe you did not start riding in elementary. That's okay! It is never too late to start. For instance, adults can start, and so can teenagers. Because it is never too late to start something. 

And as for parents, you guys should not have worries in mind, because your teen will get right into it and be riding in no time!

Do you have a dirt bike is that your teen lives for? Have you tried any of the bikes we listed? Share your thoughts, comments, or suggestions down below!