Adventure motorcycle

Gear Packing List (What to take)

A dog has his master, the beach has the sand, and a pro rider has his gear ready to go. Let's go though all the important things you will need to go on a ride.

Adventure motorcycle


A rider's closest companion may be their hydration-pack, or fundamentally a backpack with water.

While you're riding, it's simply impractical to constantly open a jug to drink from. Bottles quickly allow you to sip and keep riding.

Try to get one sufficiently big for the time you spend riding. In addition, some of these bottles have storage for your identification, cash, and others.

Some brands such as Camelbak are currently driving the market.  Invest in a reliable brand, and long lasting bottles.

When riding, you are constantly sweating, therefore, you need to replenish the water that was lost. That means you should only drink water or sport drinks that quickly replenish lost electrolytes. Keep far from other drinks that will not hydrate you and can contaminate the bottle, so no sweet beverages, soft drinks, and so on. 

Those sugars found in many beverages may taste incredible, yet they will not hydrate you and allow you to keep riding. Apart from the mess soft drinks would create if spilled or moved around too much.

A couple of companies are making tablet powders particularly for hydration. This can be good for riders that do not enjoy the plain taste of water, dislike sports drinks, or just need that extra boost. 

Companies like Nuun offer low sugar and low calorie tablets for a boost. Apart from being compatible and easy to take on the go, they are also  have plenty of flavors to choose from. This is a great alternative for any rider!

Rain Gear

In numerous popular riding regions around the globe, the climate can change quickly. Think you have the correct waterproof riding gear?

Simply "considering" you have the correct gear isn't sufficient.

On the off chance that the rain gear you've picked isn't water and weather proofed, it could get damaged and end up costing you more money then the initial investment.

Rain won't just penetrate inadequate materials, it will crawl over collars, within sleeves, and from underneath waistlines. This can cause the rider to be uncomfortable and can even end up in a crash.

Ever hear that "you get what you pay for" ? Well, this can be applied to here, don't mess with weather!

Items made with GORE-TEX are for the most part thought to be the absolute best. They allow your body to breath and discharge sweat while protecting you from the weather.

An elastic or plastic suit that doesn't let you breath can trap sweat, enabling dampness to stick to your skin. You'll end up feeling awkward due to the water and end up having to stop riding.

There are numerous brands out there offering quality items. So, make sure you do your research and find out what the best fitting weather gear fits you.

With such an extensive amount our body constantly sweating when riding, you want to find something easy to clean. Apart from that, will not trap sweat. Most importantly, it will allow you to breath while keeping the water out.

Finding the gear that fits you is crucial. Though you might not always find the perfect one on the dirt bike sections. Weather gear can commonly be found in mountain climbing and winter sports areas as they tend to protect themselves from all kinds of weather too!


It's as straightforward as that. You can decrease your weight and size by eliminating the number of shirts, socks, clothing, you wear inside the protective layers. Using cotton or fleece materials helps reduce the amount of space you take up.

Nowadays it is easy to find smaller scale fiber shirts, clothing, and inside layers that will keep you dry, and moderately smell free. The vast majority of the small scale fiber clothing can be washed in the shower or sink at night, and be dry enough to wear the next morning.

In the event that you didn't wash your clothing the previous night, don't stress. Going an additional 2, or even 3 days in the same clothing may sound nauseating, however, it sincerely isn't that awful!

Brands like Smartwool and Under armour are known for extraordinary items that we highly recommend.


What about comfort? Well, you may lose a bit of comfort, however, the vast majority of riders would exchange comfort any day over the annoyance of a broken kneecap or elbow. 

Just by owning these items, you'll have better cushioning incorporated into  coats and jeans. Though it could be quite uncomfortable in hot climates, you can just take it off. This can be used as an extra layer for the cold or just for protection. It's ideal

Many biking clothing brands are now making their coats and jeans with removable cushioning. Simply be prepared for nearly everybody to begin calling you "The Terminator" or "RoboCop," since that's what you'll look like wearing only the body defensive layer. 

Our recommendations include Alpinestars which have an amazing "Bionic" section. Other items from this brand are body covering coats and knee pads. Make sure you are comfortable with the brand and the product before riding.


No, your 9th grade backpack won't be the ideal backpack! Yes, you do need to invest in a good backpack.

A rough, waterproof, and sturdy bag to store your equipment, gear and water bottle is the ideal goal to be aiming for. Though, it does not necessarily need to that big as you do not need so much storage.

We recommend brands such as ORTLIEB for their waterproof backpacks that are very high quality.  can be tightened down without an issue. Nothing could be worse than getting your change of clothes all wet, that is why we highly recommend riders the "Dry Bags" from Outdoor Research


To give you peace in mind, you should consider buying some safety hooks to make sure nothing will fall from your backpack. Though sometimes it may be unlikely, securing your things for a few dollars will not kill anyone.

These are usually made of steel and can be found very cheaply anywhere. You may find them in your local grocery, or you may want to look into Amazon. Make sure they are the heavy duty kind for extra safety 😉


In the end there are a lot of little ways you can add on to your already existing gear. Though dirt biking may end up a bit on the expensive side, make sure you make the initial investment so you do not need to waste money on gear every other month.

Choosing quality products can end up saving you money at the end of it all!