Where to ride dirt bikes in South Africa- A guide

As we have previously seen, there are many places where you can ride a dirt bike. However, what about in your country? In this article, you will find where to ride dirt bikes in South Africa.Keep in mind that some of these places charge, have other activities and are even homes where you can stay […]

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Starting line to ride

Places To Ride Dirt Bikes (Not just the track)

A car has its road, a boat has the water and the airplane as the air. But what about dirt bikes? Where do they ride? And is all dirt bike riding legal?While much of what you see on TV nowadays are crazy flip competitions, that is not what dirt biking is. Though those races are […]

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kid rider

Dirt bikes for kids- fun for the little ones

Ever heard the phrase “monkey see, monkey do”? Well, kids are usually like that, and it is not hard to get a kid to be fascinated with riding. A dirt bike can make their dreams come true, however, every parents’ job is to keep their kids safe. Here are the best dirt bikes for kids.Kids […]

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Dirt bike insurance cost discounts

Dirt bike insurance cost- is cheaper better?

I have previously talked about how important having your dirt bike insured is, as a lot of accidents tend to happen you must be cautious of you and your surroundings. But how about the cost of dirt bike insurance? Is it spending wisely or wasting away money?Insurance can cost an arm and a leg. Dirt […]

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Motorcycle crash

Dirt bike insurance -Why do you need it?

Beep beep. Crash! In the US, 49 out of 50 states require car insurance and these laws are highly enforced at the state level. But how come they do not have requirements for dirt bike insurance?These regulations have been put in place for our safety, but it is important to understand when you have a […]

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Kid running a Dirt Bike

How Old Do Kids Need to Be to Ride a Dirt Bike?

Since young, we usually look up to our parents and want to do anything they do. So, it is natural if you have a dirt bike, your kids might want one too.However, kids can also find interest in them due to commercials, competitions, or just from a friend. And I think it should be encouraged, […]

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